Easy and Healthy Avocado Dishes

3 Easy and Healthy Avocado Dishes

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3 Ways To Enhance Your Halloween Costume

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15 Things You Need To Know About Dating Someone From New York City

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Strategies For Getting Fit and Sexy at any Age

8 Essential Strategies for Getting Fit and Feeling Sexy at Any Age

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The Copper Beech Institute Mindfulness Meditation Retreat

A Unique Weekend Getaway Designed To Reduce Stress

R&R retreats hosted by The Copper Beech Institute focus on relaxation and stress reduction through yoga, meditation, mindfulness practice, massage and reflexology.
2014 LUNGevity Celebration of Hope at The Pierre Hotel New York

LUNGevity Foundation’s Celebration of Hope Gala Spotlights Advancements In Lung Cancer Research

The 2014 Celebration of Hope Gala took place on Oct. 15 at the Pierre Hotel in New York City.
Makeup Bag

3 Dangers That Are Hiding In Your Makeup Bag

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The Blood Ball

The Blood Ball, A Sought-After Halloween Bash To Benefit Delete Blood Cancer

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Petrossian Caviar

3 Extravagant Ways To Include Caviar At Your Next Cocktail Party

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