10 Spookiest Places Around The World Revealed By Trover

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The remains of the abandoned Newark Abbey, southwest of London. Photo by mattcooperphotos:)

With Halloween upon us, why not learn about the world’s most frightful places… or perhaps even visit them?

Trover, an exploration app where users share must-see destinations based on their location, revealed the 10 Spookiest Places Around The World, shared by users. 

From a ghost town in Death Valley to haunted ruins in Italy, here are 10 of the scariest destinations on Earth!


10. Abandoned Farmhouse in Granum, Alberta

Alberta Prairies

According to Trover: Granum is the smallest village in the province of Alberta. Originally known as Leaving, it marked the point where the cattle trail left the river.

Because the population has never been very high (currently at 447), there’s lots of land to spread out. You’ll find many abandoned farmhouses sprinkled across the countryside, big and spooky and just waiting to be explored.


9. St. Theresa Church in British Columbia, Canada

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According to Trover: The St. Theresa church was built around 1850 in the Okanagan Indian Reservation in BC. Locals swear this place is haunted. If you feel some chills inside the church, don’t worry… nobody has disappeared. Yet. 


8. Ghost Town in California

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According to Trover: Ballarat was a small community in Inyo County, California, near Death Valley. Founded in this auspicious neighborhood in 1896, it was unsurprisingly abandoned just a few years later. There are a handful of locals still living in the area, but they’re so scattered, it can’t be considered habited.

Ballarat is now regarded as a classic California ghost town.


7. Abandoned mill in Minnesota

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According to Trover: Gopher Ordnance Works is an abandoned power production plant. Closed shortly after the end of WWII, it’s a frozen testament to America’s enduring war-winning resources, and a chilling, brutalist experience.

Although closed to the public, you can see the remains of the plant from U.S Route 52. If you’re visiting this mill, don’t miss the big chimneys near the coates.


6. City Methodist Church in Indiana


According to Trover: Once boasting over 3,000 worshipers, this church was been abandoned in the early 1980s and never torn down. Don’t be fooled by its magnificent Gothic structure – locals insist it is haunted.


5. Abandoned house in Ontario

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According to Trover: This classic spooky, abandoned house is located on the Talbot Trail, a scenic drive through southwestern Ontario. It is absolutely iconic, and will bring back all the goosebumps from all the spooky movies you would have ever seen.

If you’re looking for an excuse for a creepy road trip, look no further!


4. The ghost town of Plymouth, Monserrat


According to Trover: The abandoned town of Plymouth was once a thriving port city in the West Indies. All that changed in July 1995, when the local volcano began erupting. Plymouth was smothered with a thick layer of volcanic ash. Today, the entire settlement is abandoned and barren.

It’s notably creepy because all the buildings are modern, yet completely abandoned. These buildings don’t belong to ancient history – they are exactly like any building you could walk into today… except they are completely, echoingly empty.


3. Llanthony Priory in Wales


According to Trover: The Priory was constructed around 1100 A.D. and is regarded as one of the great medieval buildings in Wales. It’s particularly remarkable for its striking Norman and Gothic architectural styles – and due to its age, is regarded as extremely haunted. It was featured on the British “Most Haunted” TV series.


2. Valley of the Mills, Sorrento, Italy


According to Trover: Used to grind Sorrento flour for centuries, the abandoned buildings of Vallone dei Mulini (Valley of the Mills) are now a stunning and creepy tourist destination. They’re off-limits to foot traffic, but you can get some stunning photos.


1. Minervino Tower, Italy


According to Trover: Built in the 16th century, the Minervino Tower was built by King Charles V for defense against the Saracens. Nowadays, the tower is a crumbling landmark… and local fishermen know it’s haunted.

In this photo, the tower is enrobed by a rare creepy atmospheric phenomenon called “she-wolf of the sea.”