15 Ways To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions

New York Smash Magazine  

By Sterling Mire

As a practicing spiritual life coach, I am often approached by clients who seek to fulfill important goals by creating lasting New Year’s resolutions. But, how do they make those resolutions stick? I’ve created an easy list for keeping your New Year’s resolutions right on track!

Visualize your desired results.

1. Be sure you can commit.

Create resolutions that inspire you and that you can accomplish. Remember that you can always create more resolutions as needed – even before the year is up.

2. Keep your focus.

Start your day with morning visualizations. See yourself with the desired results of your New Year’s resolutions. This will keep you on track and connect you with the experience of doing it.

Keep track of your progress in a diary or journal.

3. Keep a daily diary.

Implement your New Year’s Resolutions into your daily or weekly plans. Schedule them into your day and write about them at night. This keeps them alive for you!

4. Tell others.

Share your stories of success – and inspire others. This also keeps you accountable.

5. Be determined.

Do not let anything take you off track. Do not let anyone, including you, enable old habits to creep back in. Also, if you get off track, simply admit to it and keep on truckin’. Simple!

Keep your eye on the prize.

6. Take bite-sized action.

Commit yourself to one month if you initially feel overwhelmed. If that feels good, take on another month. Repeat this action. Since it takes approximately 21 days for change to occur, chances are you’ve acclimated well. If you can be consistent for a period of time, the rest is easy.

7. Use the buddy system.

Your friend is another way to stay on the path! When someone else shares the same goals, it can keep us in check. Fulfilling on your goal is twice as sweet with someone else.

8. Visual reminders.

Put images of what you desire everywhere – on the refrigerator, in the bathroom, on your desk or even as your screensaver. Wherever you spend time, put a visual reminder of what you want to come to fruition.

9. Reward yourself.

At least once a week, do something extra special for yourself as a reward for keeping to your goals, such as an inexpensive massage, a sweet treat or simply taking a scenic drive on your own!

Celebrate your accomplishments.

10. Acknowledge yourself.

Give yourself credit for choosing to make lifestyle changes. That alone is the first step towards success

11. Willpower.

You have to have willpower if you achieve anything. You must have drive, and guess what, you do – so kick it into gear.

12. Discipline.

Discipline is a necessary component. Reason with yourself: how long does it take to implement your New Year’s resolution? Not that long. Whether your New Year’s resolution takes 1 second or 1 hour, you can schedule it in.

Meditate to keep your mind clear and focused.

13. Take concrete action.

You’ve got to choose resolutions that require concrete action. If you choose to “be happier,” establish goals that enable this more abstract, but essential, outcome.

14. Start a group.

Check in with friends who have set New Year’s resolutions to form a support group and meet up for coffee or lunch once or twice a week to encourage each other!

15. Meditate.

Like visualization, meditation enables you to “tune in” to yourself, your surroundings and the life that lies ahead. This will enable clarity and concentration required for fulfilling your dreams!