3 Dangers That Are Hiding In Your Makeup Bag

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Before you reach for your favorite sparkly lip gloss or reapply that scented lotion you recently fell in love with, you may want to think twice. Did you know that the toxic chemicals found in various beauty products can be hazardous to your health? Here are a few harmful ingredients you should watch out for when you’re on your next makeup haul, and some of our favorite products you can swap them for to stay beautiful and healthy.

1. Nail Polish: watch out for dibutyl phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde and toluene.

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The “Big 3” toxins found in most nail polishes are dibutyl phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde and toluene. DBP, while used to help prevent chipping, is toxic to the reproductive system and is a endocrine disruptor. Formaldehyde is found in nail hardeners and formaldehyde resin is used to bind the polish to the nail; formaldehyde is reported to be a known carcinogen. Toluene, which is used to keep the polish from hardening, is also the reason why you should only paint your nails in a well-ventilated area. Short-term exposure to high levels of toluene can result in light-headedness, nausea and is known to be toxic to the nervous system. Rest assured, you don’t need to resort to naked nails for the rest of your life.

The Solution: Look for all-natural formulas.

The Marilyn Monroe Spas nail polish collection proves that glamorous nails can also be healthy nails. The all-natural Marilyn Monroe Spas collection is “three free,” cruelty-free and even vegan. It doesn’t hurt that it also comes in every color imaginable.

2. Skin care: watch out for Parabens, lead, and phthalates.

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Many common skin care products are harboring deadly chemicals that are slowly poisoning your body. Parabens, lead, and phthalates are some of the most common toxins that are likely hiding in your favorite bottle of lotion or shampoo. These ingredients can cause skin irritation, fertility issues, and even certain types of cancer. To avoid harsh chemicals like these, make sure you are aware of the ingredients listed on the label when choosing products that will be applied to your precious skin.

The Solution: Opt for organic products that are free of chemicals, dyes and preservatives.

A safe bet for all-natural, organic formulas that won’t harm your body can be found at Marilyn Monroe Spas. The full Marilyn Monroe Spas skin care line is free of all chemicals, fragrances, dyes and preservatives. You can enjoy wonderful scents and visible results the various products provide without worrying about the scary long-term effects it could be having on your body.

3. Make up: Watch Out For Talcum powder (talc) and parabens.

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Your go-to foundation or favorite lip gloss could be the cause of many health problems. Talcum powder (talc) and parabens, which are found in most makeup products, have been linked to cancer. These dangerous chemicals are used to keep the skin dry and prevent rashes, however, there are healthier alternatives that won’t pose a threat to you and your body.

The Solution: Stock up on makeup that does not contain parabens, talc, oil or fragrance. 

The Marilyn Monroe Spa’s Illuminating Finishing Powder, Mineral Bronzer, Skin Transforming Foundation and the Luxury Gloss are all paraben, talc, oil and fragrance free. No need to worry if you have sensitive skin because all of these products are also hypoallergenic. Marilyn Monroe Spas believes you don’t have to sacrifice your health in the name of beauty. And you surely shouldn’t sacrifice your beauty. After all, Marilyn would never have wanted that.

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