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3 Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts With Aphrodisiac Qualities

New York Smash Magazine  

Teddy bears and jewelry are nice, but if you feel like being adventurous this Valentine’s Day, here are three aphrodisiac-infused gift ideas that can really make sparks fly.

1. Foria

Foria Cannabis Sexual Enhancement Oil


What Is It? Foria is a cannabis-infused sexual “pre”-lubricant for women that promotes sensual enhancement.

Key Aphrodisiac Ingredients: Cannabis. According to Foria and current medical research, Cannabis is known to promote relaxation and blood flow and affect the receptors in the brain responsible for tactile sensation and euphoria. Contemporary science confirms a long history of cannabis’ use as an aphrodisiac — from Hindu legend to Norse mythology to ancient Chinese medical texts, cannabis has been used by humans for millennia for it’s pleasure-enhancing effects.

Where To Buy It: Available in California and Colorado; $44 for 10 ml spray bottle (approximately 10 servings)/$88 for 30 ml spray bottle (approximately 30 servings) at

It Should Be On Your Wish List Because… We all know that marijuana is used for various medicinal and recreational purposes, including better sex. With that in mind, Foria, a weed-infused sex oil, was created to enhance sexual pleasure for women. They call it a “pre”-lube because you’re supposed to spray it on to the vaginal area at least 30 minutes before sexual activity so it has a chance to kick in. Once it kicks in, your lady parts experience a “high” feeling (some people report heightened sensitivity, more pleasure, and longer, deeper orgasms). As current research suggests, it can also have other therapeutic benefits, such as better sleep and relaxation. Each spray of Foria contains a blend of 4-6mg of THC and liquid coconut oil. Oh, and by the way, it’s edible (making it a great alternative to that old heart-shaped box of chocolates).

2. “Caffe al Peppe” Coffee Drink

Caffe al peppe - aphrodisiac coffee

Caffe al Peppe

What is it? A one-of-a-kind coffee drink with aphrodisiac ingredients.

Key Aphrodisiac Ingredients: Black pepper.  A known aphrodisiac, black pepper has the ability to strengthen blood circulation and stimulate the reproductive system.

Where To Buy It: $3.25 for the small and $4.95 for the large at in New York.

It Should Be On Your Wish List Because… If you love coffee, this extra savory concoction might make you love it even more. A soothing yet stimulating blend of  black pepper, Mokito coffee beans, heavy cream and indulgent chocolate mousse, the Caffe al Peppe is New York’s only aphrodisiac coffee drink. Inspired by a recent trip to Italy (world-famous for both coffee and romance), award-winning barista Ettore Diana created this fabulous recipe. If you’re in NYC, you’re in luck; Caffe al Peppe is expertly brewed and served up exclusively at in Chelsea.

3. Caviar 

Caviar is an aphrodisiac

What is it? Caviar is a luxury food consisting of salt-cured fish-eggs of the Acipenseridae family.

Key Aphrodisiac Ingredients: Zinc, which boosts testosterone levels and stimulates libido.

Where To Buy It: Petrossian Royal Ossetra Caviar Set 30G, $180 at

It Should Be On Your Wish List Because… Caviar is one of the world’s greatest delicacies, but did you know of its sexually-stimulating benefits? Containing high amounts of zinc, caviar can boost testosterone levels and libido. Plus, caviar’s upscale reputation makes it an ideal gift for special occasions and holidays. For the ultimate luxurious experience, choose a high-quality caviar, such as Petrossian.