3 Things You Must Do To Make Your Content Go Viral

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Ruslan Kogan LinkedIn BY RUSLAN KOGAN
3 Things You Must Do To Make Your Content Go Viral

Top 6 LinkedIn Influencer Posts

1. Ensure you have a number in your title

It was an honour to be invited to join the LinkedIn Influencer program. As part of this program, I want to ensure that I can share some of my experiences in business, which may be valuable to others. As always, I take a statistical approach to problems and let the numbers do the talking. So, I went to the LinkedIn Pulse page to see the articles that other Influencers had written and then clicked “Top Posts Of All Time” to see what sort of content the readers here want.

What do you know? The top 8 articles all had a number in the headline. 18 out of the top 26 articles had a number in the headline.

2. Be yourself

You don’t need to be Barack Obama or Richard Branson to create great content that goes viral. While both Obama and Branson are part of the Influencer program and have more followers than most, you don’t see their names atop the list of most popular articles. Nobody knew who Psy was before Gangnam Style. Even the smallest of challenger brands, or the complete unknowns, can create content that the world will engage with, share, and enjoy.

Whether you are writing an eDM, creating some content for your brand’s social media page, or writing a speech, be yourself. Don’t be scared to say it how it is. Your audience will thank you for it with their attention. You don’t need to be Nike, Coca-Cola, or Apple, to grab the public’s attention. If you devise and create interesting content, it will find its audience. The Internet has great mechanisms to ensure that the cream rises to the top.

3. Collect data about your market and analyze, analyze, analyze

As you saw in point 1 of this post, you should gather all the information you can about your market and the issues that resonate with them. Your audience may differ from medium to medium, but whether you’re advertising to them while they walk through a shopping mall, interrupting their viewing with a television ad, or sharing content on social media, it’s always possible to tailor your content to what your audience wants.

One quick example is knowing when to post content to give it the best chance of going viral. For example, I’m posting this at 8am in my home country Australia, so people are able to read this on the way to work. But, I’ve specifically chosen a time that means it’s also still office hours on the West Coast and East Coast of the United States.

4. Keep it short

I tricked you into this point because there’s only meant to be 3 ;). Keep your content as concise as possible. There are only 24 hours in a day and that’s a limitation that nobody can change. The longer it takes to consume your content, the greater the barrier to entry you are creating for someone to interact with it.