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4 Elegant Home Bar Accessories To Impress Guests

New York Smash Magazine  

Browse through our favorite at-home bar products in the slide show below.

Our Top Picks: Aluminum Spherical Ice Mold
Allow us to introduce you to the cutting-edge ice cube tool for true mixology aficionados who want to prevent the problem of watered down drinks. Thanks to the force of aluminum, this unique ice cube mold turns a large square ice cube into a round cube within minutes. A round cube has has less surface area than the average square cube, so it melts at a slower rate, which resolves the issue of watered down drinks. $150 at MerchantsOfBeverage.com.
Our Top Picks: Gold Usagi Cocktail Shaker
A classy gold shaker with a built-in strainer made by Cocktail Shaker, the preferred brand for bartenders around the world. It adds automatic style and elegance while sitting on the shelf of your bar, but good looks are just an added perk. As you shake up cocktails like a pro, you'll fall in love with its excellent performance. $75 at MerchantsOfBeverage.com.
Our Top Picks: Moscow Mule Mugs
When the weather gets warms, the Moscow Mule is among the most popular cocktails ordered due to their reviving, refreshing qualities. Historically, the mugs used to sip a Moscow Mule were a major aspect of the experience. To keep the drink at an ideal icy-cold temperature, copper mugs are a must-have. Serve yours up in these authentic, absolutely gorgeous mugs. $30 at MerchantsOfBeverage.com.
Our Top Picks: Zalto Stemware - Champagne (Set of Two)
Impeccable stemware is one of Merchants of Beverage's specialties. When it comes to high-end stemware, these masterfully designed handblown Zalto glasses are the elite. Not only are they aesthetically beautifully - they were constructed to maximize the experience of Champagne consumption. The glass widens in the center, allowing the Champagne to breathe and the aromas to come to the surface, but narrows again at the top, which maintains those bubbles we all love so much. $120 at MerchantsOfBeverage.com.


Entertaining at home is a year-round activity, and if you love to host a great party, a home bar is a must. 

Whether you’re serving up exotic cocktails, fine wines, or non-alcoholic mixed drinks, the avid party host or hostess deserves the very best tools to impress guests.

Merchants of Beverage, a highly-curated online destination for Champagne, spirits and fine wines from around the world, has announced a new collection of professional-grade luxury barware, stemware and bar supplies for your home bar area.

We say “professional-grade” because the large percentage of available products are from Cocktail Kingdom, known to be the favorite manufacturer of barware among bartenders.

The collection of products can be found in the Barware and Stemware category of the site, which you can browse through here. From classy cocktail shakers to an instant round ice cube maker, we’ve added quite a few of these to our wish list. Check out our top picks in the slideshow above.

Once you have your tools, try making this stirred cocktail:

  • Add all ingredients to mixing glass.
  • Add ice from 1.25” ice tray and stir vigorously with barspoon until chilled.
  • Place strainer on top of mixing glass and hold together as you strain the liquid into a coupe, cocktail or martini glass – filled with ice if you desire, or with one 2” cube, or no ice (neat).