4 Products For Gorgeous Legs

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Just like bears, many of us go into “hibernation mode” in the winter. We shelter ourselves from the elements by staying indoors more often. Translation: Less outdoor activity and less time at the gym. Meanwhile, throughout the season, celebs have been posting sexy vacation photos, showing off their picture-perfect legs, on social media.

The ongoing trend has been coined the Hot Dog Legs Selfie, a self-taken photo of the person’s bare legs, with the view from their poolside or beachfront lounge chair in the background. Tan and glistening in the sun, the legs are humorously reminiscent of hot dogs, which gave the trend its name.

In cold weather, however, most of us slack off on beautifying our stems. Let’s face it, unless you’re the Naked Cowboy, nobody is going to see your legs when it’s freezing cold out (and even he had to go home to warm up).

If your bod needs a pre-summer boost, here are 4 treatments that are said to tighten, firm, hide imperfections, slim and tone up those gorgeous legs, just in time for beach season.

1. EndyMed 3DEEP

Noninvasive technology with potentially long-term results designed to tighten and improve sagging skin


Using patented, noninvasive technology, EndyMed 3DEEP is a skin-tightening, firming treatment that can improve sagging, wrinkled skin after around four to six treatments.

According to the company, EndyMed’s patented technology is the safest and most effective technology available today for facial and body skin improvement, including the fading of acne scars, wrinkle reduction, and skin resurfacing. EndyMed 3DEEP Radio Frequency (RF) Technology tightens and firms the skin by stimulating the body’s collagen renewal process. Due to its multi-source and phase-controlled energy delivery system, RF targets the dermal layer in the skin to provide better, more effective results.

How long does it take?

20 – 30 minutes per treatment, and usually 4 to 6 treatments will lead to noticeably smoother, tighter, glowing skin, according to EndyMed reps.

Company reps said there’s no downtime, no redness, puffiness, or pain, so you can be in and out of the treatment and back to your normal schedule. Furthermore, the results are supposedly long-lasting, meaning after the treatment a long term effect is seen, which gradually increases to a maximum visible effect at 3-6 months, so your own body continues to rejuvenate the collagen and provide the results.


Pricing for the tightening treatments range by geography and practice. The price for a series of 6 treatments can typically range from $1,500 to $2,500 ($250 – $450 per treatment without series discount). The average price for the series is around $1,800 or $300 per treatment. Practices may break up the series into various number of treatments, but the EndyMed protocol is 6 treatments completed over approximately a 2-month period.

2. Karin Herzog Silhouette

An advanced anti-cellulite cream that detoxifies and breaks down fatty deposits

 Chelsea Kate Isaacs

Oxygen is the secret to what some have called a “miracle-working” anti-cellulite cream.
Karin Herzog Silhouette Body Cream

Containing a high level of active oxygen (4%), the formula is designed to detoxify and renew by forcing oxygen deep into the skin to disperse toxins and fatty deposits, which helps to break down fat while stimulating the lymphatic system to remove them.

A thin layer should be applied to trouble spots, fat deposits, and cellulite-prone areas, such as the thighs, according to Karin Herzog.

The company says that other benefits may include:

  • Increased circulation and improvement of the skin’s natural repair and regenerating functions.
  • Increased blood flow allows for more efficient nutrient absorption, promoting healthy vibrant skin while increasing hydration levels.
  • A light emulsion provides intense, long lasting hydration.
  • Increases cellular metabolism to firm and tone the skin, creating a smoother and more even surface.

How long does it take?

According to the company’s instructions, apply a thin layer to localized areas of cellulite or fat deposits. Allow it to absorb for five to ten minutes, once or twice a day. Don’t massage the cream into the skin, the bottle says. More information on this product and how to use it can be found here.

How much does it cost?

$55 at

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3. Sebamed Age Defense Q10 Firming Body Lotion

Dermatologist-tested skin-firming formula for sensitive skin

Developed and tested by dermatologists worldwide, the universally-loved Sebamed brand is celebrated for their pH balanced soap-free clinical formulas, created to heal and protect even the most sensitive skin types.

Now the company has added a skin firming lotion, and we’re adding it to our list of must-have products for beach-ready legs.

Sebamed Age Defense Q10 Firming Body Lotion is a gentle yet effective formula with Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), an important catalyst which activates the metabolism of oxygen in skin cells to speed cell regeneration.

How long does it take?

In clinical testing, more than 93 percent of users report improvement in tone and firmness within 3 weeks.


$22.95, and

4. Sally Hansen Water Resistant Airbrush Legs

For flawless-looking legs in 2 minutes

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This classic product is still one of our absolute favorite beauty essentials of all time (seriously).

With a light consistency and five super blendable shades to choose from, Sally Hansen’s Leg Makeup is an instant way to get natural-looking, airbrushed legs with an absolutely flawless finish.

It’s our quick-fix when you need to show off your legs in a dress or shorts, but aren’t entirely confident in their appearance. Whether you’re concerned about bruises, stretch marks, veins, cellulite, uneven skin tone, etc., this ingenious product can instantly hide and/or substantially minimize almost any imperfection.

How long does it take?

Just apply it to your legs evenly and let it dry for a minute or two. That’s it. Beautiful legs in minutes.

It comes in a lotion, which can be smoothed on to legs, and a spray, which can be sprayed (as if airbrushing your skin) and blended.

Also, it’s not like regular makeup which can easily transfer to clothes or melt off in hot weather or exposure to water. Because it’s water resistant, this stuff stays on in almost any situation. It washes off easily with soap and water. We can’t rave about this product enough. Learn all about this product here.


Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Leg Makeup (spray), $9.99 at Walmart; Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Leg Makeup (lotion), $12.99 at Ulta.

*Some of the products mentioned in this article may have been given to us for review purposes. All opinions are our own.