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5 Advancements In Mobile Dating Apps That Make It Easier To Find A Match

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If life were a movie, meeting your perfect match would be as simple as accidentally running into them on the street or a chance encounter at a coffee shop. These days, finding romance in real life is a less common occurrence, which explains the growing popularity of mobile dating apps. Fortunately, dating apps are becoming more advanced, making it easier to find “the one” in the virtual world.

Among the newest mobile dating apps is The Grade, an innovative dating app that weeds out the undesirable, inappropriate and unresponsive users. By eliminating these users, the app attempts to improve the dating experience and increase the quality of users overall.

According to The Grade,

“The Grade caters to discerning singles by monitoring and “grading” all user behavior and routinely removing those whose “dating grade” doesn’t make the cut. A user’s “grade” is a quality score ranging from “A+” to “F”, and is determined by a sophisticated algorithm that analyzes popularity, responsiveness and message quality. These three factors combine to make up a user’s overall “grade”, which is prominently displayed for all to see. Users shown to be undesirable or behaving poorly will receive an “F” grade and be expelled from the app.”

The Grade Dating App

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A recent press release said that The Grade’s unique concept is backed by a survey of 1,000 mobile daters showing that:

  • 73 percent of women have received a sexually suggestive photo
  • 77 percent have been asked to send an inappropriate photo
  • 90 percent of women have received sexually suggestive messages.
  • When asked if they would prefer a dating experience that expelled low-quality users, 91 percent of women responded ‘Yes.’

Cliff Lerner, CEO of The Grade, shared with New York Smash five of the latest advancements that should make users excited about giving new dating apps a try:

1. Accountability

Crack down on users who send inappropriate and hostile messages.

Inappropriate and hostile messages are much easier said through an app than face-to-face, which may be one reason why they are so prevalent in online dating. Users of previous dating apps used to be able to send any message they chose, without consequence. Current apps are realizing this and finally bringing accountability to mobile dating. The Grade is the first to do so by actually assigning a letter grade to users based on message quality, making men think twice about what they say and how they say it when reaching out to women.

2. Emphasis on High-Quality users

Weed out undesirable users.

Who wants to waste time sifting through hundreds of undesirable users before finally finding a good match? Recent dating apps take care of this for you, either by requiring certain qualifications from its users in order to sign up or by kicking off users who don’t hold up to the app’s criteria.

3. Improving Conditions for Women

A safer and more secure experience for the ladies.

Online dating apps are a lot like bars; if you can attract the women and keep them happy, the men will automatically follow. That’s why new apps have come up with creative ways to improve the conditions for women, whether it’s eliminating the hostile men or making women reach out to men first before even being able to view a woman’s profile.

4. Raising Response Rates

Creative add-ons may result in more responses from users.

While women are concerned with getting rude or creepy messages, most men are concerned with not getting any responses at all. It’s frustrating when a man constantly gets ignored and this is what often leads to their hostile messages, which creates a cycle by further pushing women away. The Grade displays a user’s response grade on their profile, showing potential matches how likely they are to respond beforehand, and also encouraging users to respond more often to improve their grade.

5. Easier Matchmaking Capabilities

Intuitive technology matches users by similarities and interests.

While online dating sites have been creating matches based on mutual interests for years, they used to require filling out lengthy forms. Now, dating apps can pull a user’s interests directly from Facebook so you can see the mutual interests of potential matches without wasting any time. Some apps, such as The Grade, take this one step further by analyzing and grouping similar interests for you. For example, if one user likes the movie “Step Brothers” and another likes “The Hangover,” it will show that both have a mutual interest for “Really Funny Movies.”

Ultimately, with the amount of data available increasing all the time and improvements in the analytical tools available, dating sites will be able to continuously improve their algorithms in order to create targeted matches.

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