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5 Delicious Holiday Gifts For Foodies

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Bauli USA Pandoro

Foodie or not, these munch-a-ble gift ideas taste good and look beautiful. Star-shaped Pandoro cake by Bauli is a traditional Italian holiday treat.

Shopping for holiday gifts can be a challenge, but if you’re lucky enough to have a true foodie in your life, shopping can be a piece of cake.

Often, the way to a foodie’s heart is, well, food. So, just wrap up a mouthwatering treat in a festive package, and you’ve got a holiday gift made in foodie heaven.

We’ve compiled a list of five holiday gifts a foodie would love: 

1. For The Pastry Connoisseur: Les Galets

Les Galets Nutty Nuts

Les Galets Nutty Nuts, 22 pieces for $43 at patisserielesgalets.com

Since its first pastry shop opened in 1977, Les Galets made a worldwide name for itself based on its highly refined pastries.

Made with natural ingredients, each pastry is individually handcrafted.

The pastries are not only delicious, but they’re extravagantly packaged in the company’s signature red gift box, which gift recipients will find themselves impressed by.

Our favorite is the Explosion de Pistache (Nutty Nuts) gift box, a delicious package of 22 pistachio-themed pastries blended with other nuts (we’re huge fans of the Rainbow Baklavas). If you love baklava as much as we do, this is the perfect way to enjoy it in delightfully small quantities. 

Our Pick: Explosion de Pistache (Nutty Nuts) by Les Galets, 22 pastries for $43 at patisserielesgalets.com.


2. For The Health-Conscious Foodie: Nothin’ But Foods

Healthy Cookies

Nothin’ But Cookies Price

These all-natural goodies may have simple ingredients, but they certainly don’t taste “simple.” In fact, they’re exploding with flavor. The company’s name, Nothin’ But Foods, refers to the brand’s commitment to using “nothing but” the highest quality nuts, seeds, fruits, and oats in their snack bars and granola cookies. And because their products are delicious to the point of addiction, it’s clear that their unique recipes are working. Naturally sweet and full of texture, Nothin’ But cookies are dairy-free, egg-free, wheat-free and gluten-free. There are also snack bars, granola cookies and gift assortments that have a little bit of everything. Your healthy-eating friends and family members will thank you for introducing them to, potentially, their new favorite snack.
Our Pick: Nothin’ But Gift Assortments, $X-X. Get available at www.nothinbutfoodsstore.com.


3. For The Avid Tea Drinker: Palais des Thés

Tea Gift

Palais des Thés N 25 Tea Cinnamon & Orange Holiday Limited-Edition Tea, $21

Most people keep tea in the pantry, so whether you’re an avid tea drinker or not, tea makes a great gift because it can be enjoyed by almost anyone. Palais des Thés is not just any tea — it’s a tea that would impress even the biggest tea aficionado. Palais des Thés is a company of tea experts (they even offer tea preparation and tasting classes in New York City). The company just introduced Thé N°25 Cannelle and Orange, new limited-edition tea products as part of its Holiday Collection: Thés N 25. Thés N 25 combines green tea with cinnamon, orange peel, almond, ginger, lemon zest and vanilla pods for an exceptionally delicious brew that pairs perfectly with homemade holiday desserts.

Our Pick: N 25 Tea Cinnamon & Orange Limited-Edition Holiday Tea, $21 at www.palaisdesthes.com.

4. For Those With A Sweet Tooth or Cake-Craving Foodie: Bauli

Bauli USA

Bauli Panettoni, available at retailers including Fairway, Whole Foods and stores nationwide, about $9.99 for 26.4 oz

If the sound of golden bread and Italian cakes makes the foodie in your life salivate, look no further than delicious baked creations by Bauli.

Since it began as a small business in Verona, Italy, in 1922, Bauli has become one of the most celebrated producers of authentic Italian holiday cakes and baked goods.

The company uses the same family recipe, loved by so many, which dates back over 80 years.

To us, Bauli gets major points for its dedication to both taste and authenticity, making it a no-brainer gift option for the carb-loving foodies in your life.

During the holidays, Bauli’s iconic Il Panettone and Il Pandoro cakes are among the most popular products bought by customers. The cakes are a holiday staple, often served at holiday parties or displayed on dining tables as an edible decorative piece.

Our Picks: Il Panettone di Milano is the traditional and most famous Italian holiday cake. Created in the 20th century in Milan, Panettone is a sweetened bread loaded with candied citron, lemon zest and raisins and often paired with hot cocoa or liquor. Available at retailers, including: Fairway, Whole Foods and Duane Reade stores nationwide//SRP: $9.99/26.4 oz

Il Pandoro di Verona, or “Golden bread”, is a traditional holiday bread from Verona similar to pound cake, but lighter. Baked in a star-shape mold and covered in powdered confectionery sugar. This sweet bread is often enjoyed on New Years with prosecco or champagne. Available at retailers, including: Fairway, Whole Foods and Duane Reade stores nationwide//SRP: $8.99/17.6 oz

Pandoro Limonce has a delicate Limoncé liquor cream filling, decorated with lemon flavored powdered sugar, creating a modern flavor mixed with the traditional taste of Pandoro. Available at retailers, including: Fairway, Whole Foods and Duane Reade stores nationwide//SRP: $14.99/28.2 oz

5. For Chocolate Lovers: Kollar Chocolates

Kollar Peppermint Bark Chocolate Holiday Gift

Peppermint, dark chocolate – $7.50-$12.50

Most chocolate lovers would agree, there’s nothing quite like it! But not all chocolate is created equal; there’s dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate with nuts, and the list goes on.

However, we’re quite certain that, no matter what your chocolate-lusting foodie’s preference, he or she would be impressed by the ingeniously crafted bundles of chocolate indulgences created by artisan chocolatier Chris Kollar of Kollar Chocolates. This season, Kollar has a great selection of holiday-themed chocolates, including “tree” chocolate, peppermint bark chocolate, large gift boxes and seasonal chocolates and truffles.

Our Pick: 16 Piece Assortment, $32 at kollarchocolates.com

Chocolate Gift Box

Kollar Holiday Box
This Kollar Holiday box has an assortment of our classic truffles along with our holiday flavors; Nocino, cinnamon, popcorn, blackcurrant, and chestnut.