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5 Mistakes You Make Before 10 a.m. That Are Aging You Five Years

New York Smash Magazine  

5 Mistakes We Make In The Morning That Can Lead To Premature Aging

Does your a.m. routine include any of these five mistakes?

Stress, smoking, too much sun exposure — many of us have heard over and over that these can lead to premature aging.

But, did you know that, if you start your day by making a few common mistakes, you could be adding years to your appearance?

Shanna Israel, lifestyle expert and founder of Vertical Wellness, told New York Smash the five surprising mistakes we make in the morning that can lead to premature aging (we admit that we’ve done all of these at least once this week).

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Mistake #1: Springing out of Bed

“It’s not recommended. Yes, some people do fine with jumping out of bed, but others don’t and there is no way to tell which you are until you have a bad experience. Some people will feel dizzy or faint if they rush out of bed too fast. Some people can experience orthostatic hypotension (low blood pressure).”

Mistake #2: Slapping the Snooze Button

“Loud alarms when waking you up could make your cortisol levels spike, which is your body’s stress hormone, or give you a headache. Also, your body can have a hard time adapting to a snooze routine and could possibly make you feel more tired and groggy throughout the day as well as affect memory.”

Mistake #3: Blackout Shades

“Oh, the glory of blackout shades. Yes, they prevent pesky rays of light from sneaking in and interrupting your ZZZ’s at night and into the wee hours of the morning, but what effect do they have on your body/brain when you’re trying to wake up? I like blackout shades because they can give the atmosphere for a better sleep pattern. Also, it is said that light at night can stimulate cortisol. The negative feedback I have heard about blackout shades is the natural sunlight won’t be able to wake you up, so you are in a dark environment as you wake. I know for some people being in a dark environment, especially in cities that lack a lot of sunlight in winter, can have a negative effect, such as enhancing depression and can keep you sleepy and not feel fully awake.”

Mistake #4: Working Out Before Fueling Up

“There have been studies done where it states that eating after exercising is better for you because eating before could spike your sugar and then impair your performance and results. For morning workouts, Dr. Mercola states (read the full article here), ‘The combination of fasting and exercising maximizes the impact of cellular factors and catalysts (cyclic AMP and AMP Kinases), which force the breakdown of fat and glycogen for energy.’ However, one thought process is not for everybody. You need to use common sense on how your body feels and what results are happening when eating or not eating before working out. Some people do well eating a banana an hour before working out, or Dr. Mercola says a high quality protein shake could be beneficial. The amount of food and when to eat it depends on how intense your workout will be. You need to give time for the food to digest or you might get cramping. Water is a key component for any workout. Your body will tell you what is working and what is not.”

Mistake #5: Caffeine Deprivation

“Caffeine can be dehydrating, have a lot of pesticides, if not organic, become addictive, increase your heart rate and may interfere with weight loss. Some say there are benefits to drinking coffee. However, whatever you choose, moderation is key. Also, picking smarter choices like organic coffee is a better option for you and the environment. If you have been drinking coffee every day and all of sudden you decide to quit, you can have major withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms can include severe headaches, irritability, constipation, anxiety, and fatigue.”