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5 Most Wanted Healthy Gifts for the Holidays

New York Smash Magazine  

Almost everyone in your life (the health fanatic, the fitness junkie and even your stressed out co-worker) would appreciate these feel-good gifts.

1. Designer fitness clothing by MICHI 


Photo credit: MICHINY.COM 

Available at Model is wearing Onyx Bra, $135, and Cristallo Sweatpants, $175.

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: The woman who looks stylish wherever she goes. 

Is there a fashionista in your life who loves to flaunt her style — even at the gym? MICHI is an upscale fitness clothing designer that ingeniously blends high-fashion and high-performance. Collections include trendy athletic clothing (sweatpants, leggings, bodysuits, tops and sports bras). Constructed with luxurious yet durable fabrics, you can wear these multifunctional duds from spin class to dinner with friends.  

2. Cleanse by Chef V 

Green Drink Delivery by Chef V

Chef V 5-Day Cleanse | Photo by Dylan Ralston

A three-day cleanse is $229, a five-day cleanse is $369 and a seven-day cleanse is $449 at

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: That friend who wants to lose weight and feel great in the new year. 

Most of us pig out during the holiday season and make New Year’s resolutions to drop the pounds. A juice cleanse can jumpstart those healthy goals. Hand delivered to homes in over 50 regions nationwide, Chef V is the first raw and cold-blended green drink delivery service in the U.S. Made with organic, locally-sourced greens, each cleanse is delivered fresh and ready to consume. Benefits may include weight loss, more energy, improved sleep and overall well-being. 

3. Natural skincare by Thesis Beauty


Thesis Eye Serum, $24.95 at

Available at

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: A friend or family member who deserves a bit of pampering. 

As one of the healthiest skin care brands out there, Thesis Beauty products are handmade with chemical-free, certified vegan ingredients with no synthetics fillers or water. There are over 50 skin-perfecting natural products, from anti-aging formulas to aromatic hand creams. Your gift recipient will thank you for helping them look and feel more beautiful in the new year. 

4. Yummy nutritional shake by Yuve 

Yuve Best Tasting Vegan Nutritional Shake

Yuve Vegan Nutritional Shake,

15 servings of Yuve, $49.99 at

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: Foodies who need a nutritional boost.

This yummy shake would convince any junk food addict that healthy food can taste good! Yuve calls itself the “Best Tasting Vegan Nutritional Shake,” and it’s the truth. A blend of raw chia seeds, cocoa and raspberry give this non-GMO, low-sugar shake its delicious chocolate-y flavor. Meanwhile, one glass of Yuve contains just 155 calories and a whopping 16 grams of protein, as well as energy-boosting natural nutrients and over 25 superfoods that can improve skin, satisfy hunger and curb cravings.

5. Meditation kit by MNDFL

MNDFL Meditation Starter Kit mindfulness holiday gift

MNDFL Meditation Starter Kit,

The Meditation Starter Kit by MNDFL, $250. To purchase, call 212 477 0487  or buy it at the MNDFL studio located in New York, NY. 

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: The stressed out, overworked or overwhelmed friend.

In today’s fast-paced world, just about everyone needs a relaxing outlet to stay happy and healthy. For the friend who needs a stress-buster, New York City’s newly-launched meditation studio MNDFL is now offering a Meditation Starter Kit, which aims to give individuals the tools they need to stay mindful throughout their busy lifestyles. The kit contains calming essentials such as a Meditation Cushion Set, a copy of “Sit Like a Buddha: A Pocket Guide to Meditation” by MNDFL Chief Spiritual Officer Lodro Rinzler, a MNDFL coffee mug and T-shirt in the size of your choosing, and a pack of five 30-minute meditation classes at MNDFL.