5 Products That Can Quickly Enhance Your Appearance

New York Smash Magazine  

Whether you woke up with dark circles or your teeth are stained from a glass of red wine, there are products that can correct common beauty problems in a matter of minutes. Here are five instantly-beautifying products that work when you need a quick fix.

1. To quickly remove teeth stains and freshen breath…

SuperSmile Quikee

Supersmile Quikee Whitening Polish
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When you need to remove teeth stains and freshen your breath immediately, Supersmile Icy Mint Quikee is a great on-the-go remedy. The formula dissolves quickly when applied, so there’s no need to rinse it off – you can use it practically anywhere. Designed to work instantly, the formula will remove red wine and coffee stains after one application. Plus, the icy mint serves as a breath freshener and leaves your mouth feeling clean.

Supersmile Quikee Whitening Polish, $18 at or

2. To soften dry or cracked skin…

Sebamed Hydrating Body Lotion

Sebamed Anti-Dry Hydrating Body Lotion

Cold air, dry weather and radiator heat can leave your skin dry, crackly and irritated. For softer skin, use Sebamed Anti-Dry Derma-Soft Wash Emulsion and Anti-Dry Hydrating Body Lotion after you shower. A quick and easy application of these products will lock in moisture so your skin feels more hydrated all day long.

Sebamed Anti-Dry Derma-Soft Wash Emulsion and Hydrating Body Lotion,  $22.95 each at

3. For instantly fuller lips…

jane iredale Just Kissed Lip Plumper Montreal

jane iredale Just Kissed Lip Plumper in Montreal

Available in seven shades, jane iredale JustKissed Lip Plumper uses time-released peptides to moisturize your lips and stimulate collagen synthesis, while spearmint oil, peppermint oil and ginger root gently stimulate blood circulation to make your pout look fuller after one use. The color is subtle on your lips, so you can easily apply it without a mirror.

jane iredale JustKissed Lip Plumper, $28 at

4. When you need to look well-rested…

Onsen Smoothing Eye Serum

Onsen Smoothing Eye Serum

To look well-rested and relaxed even if you barely slept, Onsen Smoothing Eye Serum can perform miracles after one quick application. Containing peptides and retinol, the fast-absorbing cooling formula minimizes fine lines and crows feet, making your eyes appear bigger and brighter.


Onsen Smoothing Eye Serum, $169.95 at

5. For noticeably healthier-looking hair…

AVIVA Hair Rescue Keratin Renewal Masque

AVIVA Hair Rescue Keratin Renewal Masque

For noticeably more hydrated and healthier-looking hair, try AVIVA Hair Rescue Keratin Renewal Masque. Infused with keratin and essential nutrients, the masque works quickly to repair damage, restore elasticity, as well as make your hair shinier and smoother. It also protects your hair from the drying effects of UV rays.

AVIVA Hair Rescue Keratin Renewal Masque, $32.95 at