5 Ways To Let Go Of The Fear That Keeps You From Success

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Photo Credit: mihtiander |

Photo Credit: mihtiander |


Let me ask you something: do you have a vision for your life that’s way beyond the reality you’re living now? I’ve worked as both a business coach and a fitness trainer, and through those experiences, as well as in my own, I’ve learned that if you have a big, bold vision for your life, you’ll probably also experience internal resistance and fear getting there.

If you can hold on long enough, you’ll reach that tipping point where you experience all the positive benefits of changing your lifestyle and adopting new habits. But you have to watch out — your unconscious mind does not play fair, and it might just exacerbate how overwhelmed you’re already feeling. So, I’ve compiled some strategies that I find effective in letting go of that pesky fear that gets in the way of you living your incredible, amazing, breakthrough life!

1. Make sure you have a positive and clear “why.”

I talk about this in more detail in my book, “Living Sexy Fit,” but if you want to change your life, you have to have a solid “why,” your reason behind making the change. It has to be clear-cut, so there’s no room for interpretation, and it absolutely must be positive. If your “why” has you calling yourself a “pig,” or involves some sort of disgust with oneself, you’re already undermining the work before you’ve begun. This leads me to:

2. Tap into the power of affirmation.

Use positive language to create affirmations for yourself where you state your wishes and intentions. Some examples are, “I deserve to have a healthy and fit body,” or “I am worthy of the good things that appear in my life.” When you’ve created a few that resonate with you, perhaps ones like, “I am ready to live my life fully and vitally,” or “I am powerful beyond measure,” don’t hesitate to write them down on Post-it notes and put them around the house when you’re having a tough week. They will be visual reminders of why you are worthy of achieving your desires.

3. Utilize the play/pause method.

To help you practice saying, “Yes!” to all your possibility, I recommend what I call the play/ pause method. As soon as you notice any negative self-talk, press “pause” on that negativity and “play” your potential. Tapping on one leg as “pause” and on the other thigh as “play” helps re-program your thinking and keeps you in the right lane to your big dream. Negative self-talk feeds into the fear that we aren’t worthy of all the greatness we want for ourselves, and it must be stopped.

4. Lighten up!

Laughter and joy are some of the best and quickest ways to shift your experience. If you’re feeling consumed by that fear and negativity, watch your favorite comedic movie, go see a local stand-up show, or simply spend time with friends who lighten your spirit and make you feel good. That positivity will keep you on track, so no fear can stand in your way.

5. Practice random acts of service.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in our troubles, but if you practice random acts of service, you can stay connected to the world outside yourself. It’s true, you’re starting on a journey that’s going to take up a lot of time and energy, but I believe that the most rewarding thing you can do if you feel stagnant about your lot in life is to surprise others with service; you’ll find it lifts you up, too.

I hope you find that these five strategies help you let go of any fear you experience on your journey. Know your goals, stay positive, and keep moving forward toward that breakthrough life!