5 Ways To Revamp Your Beauty Regimen This Fall

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It’s hard to believe that fall is just around the corner. What does that mean for your skin? After months of pool parties and days spent at the beach, your skin is surely ready for a little TLC. Gina Rossi, a skin care expert and product development professional at Marilyn Monroe Spas, has provided us with five tips to transition your summer beauty routine for the fall. What skin care products should you use to achieve the greatest results? Find out below.

1. Invest in a more hydrating moisturizer.


As seasons change, so do the environmental conditions such as humidity and temperature. With lower humidity a more hydrating moisturizer or facial treatment oil should be used. My favorite is the Rose Hydrating Daily Cream ($50).

2. If you haven’t already, start exfoliating.

Rose Hydrating Daily Cream

Exfoliate at least two times per week to help maintain a vibrant fresh look. Be sure to follow exfoliation with a moisturizer. Our Rose Cell Renewing Facial Polish ($26) is a great exfoliator for all skin types.

3. Use toner.

Rose Cell Renewing Facial Polish

A toner is the secret weapon to drive moisture deeper into your skin. Lack of hydration accelerates aging so keeping your skin hydrated is a key factor to youthful looking skin. The Rose Soothing Mist ($32) is what I personally swear by.

4. Get a product that maximizes your skin’s moisture while you sleep.

Rose Soothing Mist

Use our Rose Hip Cell Renewal Seed Oil Capsules ($82) as a night moisturizer, which feeds your skin as you sleep. When you wake up you will see noticeably more smooth and supple skin.

5. Use a Vitamin C-infused product to help repair sun damage.

Rose Hip Cell Renewal Seed Oil Capsules

To help balance and even your skin tone after a summer of sun, I recommend using a Vitamin C rich product like Marilyn Monroe Spa’s Rose Hip Cell Renewing Body Oil ($34), Body Wash ($22) or Body Lotion ($30).

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