6 Game-Changing Products For Sensitive Skin

New York Smash Magazine  

Got sensitive skin? From anti-aging to blemish-fighting formulas, these products contain more skin-boosting nutrients and less harmful ingredients:  

1. HydroPeptide Eye Authority

HydroPeptide Eye Authority

Loaded with 13 different peptides, crushed pearls and amino acids, HydroPeptide’s Eye Authority is designed to reduce eye puffiness and signs of aging without using harsh chemicals. The formula contains skin-boosting antioxidants like Hesperidia, which minimizes dark circles by improving circulation, and hyaluronic acid, a hydrating ingredient that leaves the skin supple and ready for a flawless makeup application.  

  • Gluten free
  • No artificial fragrance
  • No parabens
  • No phenoxyethanol, PEGs, phthalate and sulfates 

Eye Authority, $74 at

 2. Pure Gold Collagen

Pure Gold Collagen

Drinking one bottle of this collagen-boosting elixir can lead to more youthful skin. Containing hydrolyzed collagen derived from farm-grown tilapia fish, PURE GOLD COLLAGEN is a liquid supplement that targets the fibroblast cells, making it 20 times more likely to enhance the skin than using cream or a pill, according to brand reps. The result? More hydrated, even-tone skin, less fine lines and wrinkles. Meanwhile, the nutrients can also result in stronger hair and nails.  

  • Gluten free
  • Contains no sugars, artificial sweeteners, artificial preservatives, artificial colors, alcohol
  • Non-GMO
  • Halal & Kosher certified

Pure Gold Collagen, $49.99 for a 10-day pack and $4.99 for a single daily dose of 50ml at

3. Kensington Apothecary Creamy Coconut Cleanser

Kensington Coconut Cleanser

Most acne-fighting cleansers leave your skin dry and dehydrated.  Thanks to a gentle coconut-based surfactant system, this moisturizing formula has the amazing ability to zap zits and hydrate skin at the same time. 

  • GMO, Paraben, Phosphate, and Sulfate free
  • Cruelty and conflict free
  • Contains Certified Organic, Ecocert approved, sustainably harvested ingredients

Creamy Coconut Cleanser, $24 at



4. emerginC Scientific Organics grape stem cel, white tea + seaweed body butter

emerginC grape seed

Blended with tons of essential vitamins and nourishing natural ingredients, this body butter by emerginC Scientific Organics softens rough skin as it promotes a youthful glow. It contains a winning recipe of stem cells, spirulina, algae, green and white teas, shea butter, jojoba seed oil, vitamins A, C and E, palm aria palmata and pine bark to moisturize the entire body. 

  • 100% natural
  • Paraben-free and synthetic fragrance-free
  • Minimum of 70% organic ingredients 

emerginC Scientific Organics grape stem cell, white tea + seaweed body butter, $45 at



5. Key West Aloe Aloethera Body Wash

Aloethera body wash

Toss out that irritating, moisture-zapping bath soap. Made with 30 percent aloe vera, Key West Aloe’s Aloethera Body Wash is formulated to leave skin squeaky-clean yet soft and moisturized. 

  • 100% pure Aloe Vera (lab-certified)
  • Maximum potency of polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals available
  • No artificial dyes
  • Paragon free and cruelty free.

Key West Aloe Aloethera Body Wash, ranges from $6 – $21 (16 oz is $21) at

6. Coldscreen Warming Lotion 

Coldscreen Warming Lotion

This high-tech, ultra-moisturizing formula was designed to protect skin from the harsh effects of cold air by sealing in essential moisture. When applied, Coldscreen Warming Lotion creates a barrier of warmth which retains the body’s natural heat. The result? Long-lasting hydration, even in frigid temperatures. Best of all, it’s dermatologist-approved and contains 98 percent natural ingredients such as jojoba seed, shea, aloe and chamomile.

  • 98% organic and natural ingredients
  • Dermatologist-approved for all skin types
  • Cruelty free and fragrant free

Coldscreen is currently funding on Indiegogo and can be pre-ordered for $15 for a travel size 2.7oz bottle or $20 for a 5.1oz bottle. For more information, visit