A Beauty Expert’s Secret To Long, Luscious Hair

New York Smash Magazine  

Michelle Smoller

Luxury Travel Editor

Aemilie Hair Extensions
818 Sixth Avenue, 2nd floor, New York, NY 10001
(212) 679-4247

If heads are turning when you walk past, it may just be because of a brand-new luscious hairdo.

Long, shiny, healthy hair is a luxury — it shows that a woman has time to care for herself, to primp and maintain her appearance. Throughout history, long hair has been linked to the concept of vitality and fertility. Who doesn’t want to have the ability to grow long, flowing locks and then be able to coyly stroke them in public, twirl your locks in your fingers in satisfaction?

Well, not all of us can do that. Coloring, heat styling, genetics and the stresses of daily life all have an impact on hair growth. Luckily, thanks to the power of modern-day ingenuity, it’s now possible for anyone to have long locks, if you want them.

Recently, while exploring New York City, I stumbled on an inconspicuous sign on Sixth Avenue, which read “Aemilie Hair Extensions.”

While I specialize in luxury travel, I’m also a beauty connoisseur and expert, so of course, I felt compelled to enter the building. On the second floor of 818 6th Avenue, I found Aemilie Hair Extensions, a store that looks like hair extension heaven.

Types of Hair Extensions Aemilie

I felt like I had hit the jackpot! I felt like I was an urban explorer and that I had just discovered the secret mecca of hair. With a colorful range of products, this haven showcased all of the fabulous extension types that I’d tried over the years…and more. With walls and walls of the finest Remi hair (Remi hair is a category that uses hair with follicles that all face one direction, making it extra-smooth), the store had all the tools, products and more that would make it a one-stop shop for any salon guru or hair extension aficionado.

I had discovered a gem! They had clip-ins, tape-ins, wefts, and a diverse product range.

What impressed me most was one of their newest types of hair extensions called wing extensions. These extensions are called “wings” for two reasons: first, because they are light and airy; but, second, because of their shape, wing extensions utilize each link to attach two strands at once (therefore resembling wings, with the two strands of hair being connected to each link, but hanging freely). This result is gorgeous, and it takes half the time.

Wearing Hair Extensions

Long, Luscious Locks: Wearing Amelie Hair Extensions

I was thrilled. Between their diverse range of supplies (and surprisingly Zen and large showroom), I felt comfortable, relaxed and informed choosing colors that I knew would suit me.

We deserve to feel great and to take care of ourselves. This may mean splurging on a gym membership, buying a new handbag, or deciding, of course, to take that extra step and really pamper yourself in new ways. Hair extensions are a fun, fabulous way to do that. And, with clip-in options and an array of long-lasting options, you can have added confidence and a newfound head-turning bounce in your step for months.

A color that suits your eyes, skin tone, and image is vital to showcase your style and to project the person you want to be to the world.

Aemilie is a great source for hair extensions, but they do not offer on-site hairstyling services. For hairstyling and hair treatments, check out one of my favorite luxury salons here.