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An Easier, Safer Way To Find A New Roommate In NYC

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Room For Friends

Room For Friends

There are a lot of exciting things about moving to New York City, but the idea of having a random (and potentially scary) new roommate is definitely a buzz kill.

Fortunately, the process of finding a roommate just got easier and safer, thanks to Room For Friends, a website that wants to help you find a roommate in your social network so that you can avoid having to live with a stranger. By connecting roommates and apartment seekers who share friends in common on Facebook, both parties are able to discover more quality information about the person they will be living with.

“Because of our unique, people-centered approach to apartment hunting, we believe we are able to avoid some of the annoying issues that plague other apartment listing sites; namely, the stress that comes from interacting with, and eventually agreeing to living with, total strangers,” Joe Raciti, a Swarthmore graduate and co-founder of Room For Friends, told New York Smash.

Members are able to browse through roommate matches based on mutual friends. Plus, mutual friends can provide important information about potential roomies.

“When you identify someone you think you want to live with on our site, now you can ask a mutual friend that you trust, ‘Will we make for good roommates?'” Raciti said.

Room For Friends, founded by Raciti and his fellow Swarthmore buddies, Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham and Tyler Wallace, officially launched in New York City and Boston last month.

“There is an endless supply of roommate horror stories floating around the internet. I come across gobs of Twitter posts from people publicly exclaiming their hatred for their roommates,” Raciti said. “We think we can provide a lot of value for our users by providing both apartment hunters and roommate seekers access to information that is just impossible to get from anything but a human. We believe that life is best spent among friends and we want to help people do just that.”

Room For Friends

Room For Friends