Expert’s Guide To Coordinating Your Shoes and Purse

New York Smash Magazine  


“Accessories are like the finishing stroke of the painters brush. They highlight, define and complete her masterpiece.” – Luly Yang

Special fashion accessories, like foxy heels or a snazzy handbag, allow freedom of self-expression and versatility.

From Gucci purses on Jackie O’s shoulder, to the iconic Hermes Birkin worn by countless celebritie, accessories have become just as famous as the stars who wear them. No wonder they’re in such great demand.

Prices for the most-wanted Chanel and Louis Vuitton handbags start in the thousands, but that doesn’t stop women everywhere from shelling out the cash. To put it simply (and style addicts will relate to this), those purses are fashion must-haves.

What was once a rare luxury is now a mainstream trend. Due to the widespread popularity of designer accessories, tons of online stores that sell designer-inspired shoes and handbags at bargain prices now exist.

Budget-conscious shoppers who love to wear designer labels can buy shockingly authentic-looking replica handbags at stores like, an online boutique that offers a wide selection of fake replica purses. These imitation pieces even have labels. It’s amazing what you can find on the Web.

Once you’ve added a few essential pieces to your wardrobe, there are endless ways to wear them, combined with clothing and your own unique, personal style.

So, you have the purse, you have the shoes… Here’s a four-part guide to wearing them together: 

1. Understanding the Color Wheel: The Basics

Here’s a look at how different hues work together for a harmonious ensemble…

Primary Colors: These include red, blue and yellow; all other colors originate from the various combinations of these hues. Try a monochrome look with these primary shades by styling your clothing and accessory (or accessories) using one color. Wearing a single color adds length and streamlines your shape. You can apply the same logic to your shoes and purse, too.

Complementary Colors: Contrasting shades are termed as complementary, such as pairing of orange and blue, violet and yellow, or turquoise and maroon. For handbags and shoes, make it a point to choose darker solids when you’re contrasting colors.

2. Styling Tips for Shoes and Bags


  • Experiment with colors but keep one shade neutral. For instance, pair grey shoes with clothing and accessories with color, a standout pattern or a little bling.


  • Understand the shape and fabric. There’s a time and a place for everything — Certain fabrics and  shapes are best for certain situations. A structured handbag can be the perfect bag in a professional setting (as long as the material is work-appropriate, like classic leather). For a weekend brunch downtown, you can choose laid-back accessories or flaunt a fun look, such as a casual hobo cross-body or boots with fringe.


  • The flow and fit of the outfit. If your outfit is monochromatic or in solid shades, a handbag and shoes with a pop of contrasting shades can accentuate your appeal. If you’re wearing flowy or fluid fabrics like chiffon, crepe or georgette, shoes with feminine appeal can intensify the charm. And of course, a high-end designer purse (real or replica) looks good with everything — even sweatpants.


  • Body type as the guiding light. Always highlight your best features.  Here are some figure-flattering tips: If you have a fuller or curvaceous figure, rectangular shaped bags with a narrow strap will streamline your look. If you are petite, asymmetrical shapes in vibrant shades are often flattering. Finally, when in doubt, opt for a one-color look. If you want to experiment with texture, keep the base color the same for the shoes, belt and bag, and get adventurous with the rest. When you’re wearing shimmery shades like gold, copper or silver, carry a clutch instead of a large bag to bring balance to your outfit. Ultimately, you should wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable; just remember the rules of coordinating each piece of your outfit, and most of all, have fun with it!