Beauty Guide: My Go-To Salon When A Good Hair Day Is A Must

New York Smash Magazine  

Michelle Smoller

Luxury Travel Editor

John Sahag Workshop
425 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10017
(212) 750-7772

Luxury salons in New York City are abundant, and knowing where to go is a must.

Located at 425 Madison Ave, John Sahag Workshop executes hairstyling and coloring with true expertise. Their method entails dry haircuts — talented “cutters” snip hair with the precision and thoughtfulness of masters, artfully perfecting each strand like Bonsai trees.

I met my colorist, Chaquira Carreno. As we began to discuss options, I sipped green tea and observed the salon’s serene atmosphere, the décor a mix of modern and earthy elements, such as the bamboo-style stalks jutting through the room.

The best way to figure out which hair color is best for you: look at the eyes and the skin tone. Base is important too,”

Chaquira told me.

She touched my natural hair and examined the color of my hair extensions, which I had brought with me as a reference. After analyzing the two and giving me an assessment, she determined a keratin treatment ($400 and up) was in order, and highlights with lowlights ($300 and up).

Be aware that, if you choose to get keratin, depending on the treatment, you likely will not be able to add extensions on the same day. Keratin smooths hair, so it hinders the ability for the extensions to “hold” in your hair immediately after; it also needs time to settle and you want to allow it to absorb fully into hair before you stick onto it.

Also note that if you intend to color your hair extensions, you should buy the lighter color of the two, for less bleaching and color damage.

For three hours (between the highlights, lowlights and keratin), Chaquira and I bonded as we spoke about topics that spanned the gamut (and it was great!). Be prepared to get to know your colorist because you’ll be there a while.

At John Sahag, employees live to style hair. Chaquira told me that she is still thinking about hair as well as working and practicing, even when she’s not in the salon.

According to Chaquira, what motivates her as a hair colorist is “how you can say so little and yet do so much” to change people’s lives in the course of just a few hours.

Her passion and prowess was evident; when all my treatments were complete, my somewhat strawberry blonde (ahem, brassy undertones) had become a beautiful blonde that perfectly complimented the extensions and my own skin tone — even my eyes seemed to pop. Thanks to the keratin treatment, my hair felt smooth and less frizzy already after the flat ironing process. I was told not to use any products with sulfates in them, as they’d hinder the keratin effects.

Two days later, I had my extensions applied, using the Aemilie tools. Since then, compliments regarding my hair have been abundant and it’s really a reflection on both the hair and the color! Note: I highly recommend going to a luxury salon to have your extensions applied. I will give you follow-ups in the future on other great salons and places, products and reviews.

Hair is a huge force that can get you noticed anywhere you are in the world. As an adventurer, I know that. Whether exploring a foreign land or trekking the streets of New York, we have to maximize our time on the go! We may not have time to choose the perfect outfit or style ourselves head-to-toe. One accessory, however, that is always with us (like it or not) is our hair. A bad hair day can make it a bad head-day, filling our thoughts with self-doubt and unfounded insecurity. If a bad hair day bothers you, then imagine how a bad hair week, or month can affect you! We can be harsh on ourselves, and sometimes even cruel. Hair can make a difference in profound ways, whether we recognize it or not.

No matter what you’re wearing, your hair is an accessory that’s always with you. So make it luxurious. Make it fabulous. Be on the go. Showcase your best self. The ability to maximize time, enjoy quality and get results are some of the tenets that epitomize luxury. So go on, turn your head and make heads turn!