Luxury Sneakers By LVL XIII

New York Smash Magazine  

Golden Dawn by LVL XIII, $695

LVL XIII, a luxury men’s fashion brand, just launched their new line of high-end sneakers. Ranging in price from $550 to $1,200, each pair is made with unique materials, such as snakeskin, stingray leather and suede, as well as special fabrics and metals. Currently, there are just 3,000 pairs available for sale worldwide. The shoes can be purchased on Check out a few styles below.

Genova by LXL VIII, $695

Evolution by LXL VIII, $695

Levticus by LXL VIII, $695

Revelation by LXL VIII, $625

Retribution by LXL VIII, $550

Octavius by LXL VIII, $625