Brooklyn Designers Grab Attention With Fashionably Modest Style

New York Smash Magazine  

Brooklyn designers Mimi Hecht and Mushky Notik of Mimu Maxi are featured in ‘Meet Brooklyn’s Hasidic Hipsters,’ a video published by Refinery29 last week in Refinery29’s new original video series,Style Out There, which tours the world exploring the most compelling and culture-defining style tribes and statements.

Brooklyn designers Mimi Hecht and Mushky Notik are grabbing attention with the launch of Mimu Maxi, a one-of-a-kind clothing boutique for fashionistas who want to look chic without showing too much skin.
The new collection features fashionably modest everyday wear; Mimu Maxi’s signature Skirt Leggings are a stretchy, figure-flattering reinvention of the ankle-length maxi skirt. There are also trendy, yet covered-up, cascading blouses, zip dresses and tops.

The story behind Mimu Maxi is as unique as the collection itself; as Orthodox Jewish women from Crown Heights, Brooklyn, Mimi and Mushky were inspired by their Jewish faith to create flattering, on-trend clothing that follows their religious beliefs; observant Jewish women cover their elbows, knees and collar bones because it is considered a mitzvah, or good deed, to dress with modesty.

“We’re not about suppressing your beauty or self-expression; it’s about doing it within the channel of Judaism,” Mimi told Asha Leo of Refinery29 in ‘Meet Brooklyn’s Hasidic Hipsters,’ a video published last week. “Modesty is a mitzvah, a commandment or good deed – a way of connecting to God. The Jewish woman covering those areas is about keeping the power of who you are and maintaining the power and sacredness of sexuality. We totally adhere to all our traditions, customs and laws, but do it in a more fun, open way.”

Mimi and Mushky told Refinery 29 that Mimu Maxi was created for women everywhere, of all faiths and backgrounds, who want modest and fashionable style options.

Modest fashion has become a mainstream trend; Kate Middleton’s wardrobe of classically elegant, conservative dresses have become a worldwide obsession. Meanwhile, in recent months, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have been seen repeatedly sporting chic, yet covered-up, outfits.