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Café Noir Closes Its Doors Tonight, Prepares To Open New Location

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Cafe Noir Cocktails

Cafe Noir Cocktails | Photo via twitter.com/cafenoirny

Café Noir, a popular downtown tapas bar and restaurant, will close its doors tonight in preparation for the opening of its nearby new location.

The new Café Noir will open in TriBeCa at 35 Lispenard Street in early 2014.

Known as a neighborhood favorite for drinks and small plates of mouthwatering French food, the restaurant will offer an updated menu at its new location, including “Gastro Bites” with high-quality local, organic and seasonal ingredients, plus, a more sophisticated wine list, according to Georges Forgeois of The Forgeois Group, which owns Café Noir.

Café Noir will celebrate its last hours at its current location (32 Grand Street) with a live DJ and other festivities tonight.

Cafe Noir Crème Brûlée

Cafe Noir Crème Brûlée | Photo via twitter.com/cafenoirny