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Corset ‘Diet’ Is A Dangerous Weight Loss Trend, Experts Say

New York Smash Magazine  

The Corset Diet

A new “diet” involves the usage of an old fashion accessory with potential dangers.

For centuries, women would squeeze into severely tight corsets to look slimmer. Now, the archaic garment has resurfaced as a weight loss fad, but some medical professionals have expressed concern about its possible risks.

The idea behind the “diet” is that a smaller waist can be achieved by wearing a corset for extended periods of time. By compressing the bottom ribs inward, the extremely tight garment is said to spot-reduce inches on the waist. Plus, the discomfort may cause a decrease in appetite, making the person eat less.

Earlier this month, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Alexander Sinclair, M.D., told ABC News that some of his patients have lost 6 inches from following the program.

Although it has even gained popularity in Hollywood (Jessica Alba told Net-A-Porter Magazine that she used a double corset to lose the baby weight), the “corset diet” has been shunned by several medical experts for its potentially dangerous side effects.

Jyotindra Shah, M.D., a physician specializing in medical weight loss and founder of the Amari Clinic in Scarsdale, N.Y., said that the method could cause a host of major physical problems, such as a lack of oxygen intake into the body.

“Because the corset is so tight and is applied on the lower ribs, the body won’t receive the proper amount of oxygen it needs to thrive,” Shah told New York Smash. “Oxygen helps every aspect of the body, from organs to skin to brain to metabolism. This type of damage to the metabolism can also cause long-term health issues, possibly causing individuals to gain more weight in the long-run.”

The garment’s tightness could also result in damage to internal organs.

“Wearing the corset so tightly can bruise not only the skin, but cause permanent damage to the organs close to the skin, including the liver and spleen. Overall, this type of ‘diet’ is not only going to be ineffective for weight loss, but could also cause serious long-term damage to one’s body,” said Shah.

In England, a company called has been promoting the usage of old-fashioned corsets as a weight loss method since 2008. The company, which also owns an online adult products and lingerie store called Shhh Secret Society, sells a variety of corsets, used to “train” the body to be thinner.

According to a trial conducted by, a woman went from a size 32-inch corset to a size 30-inch corset and lost 12 lbs after wearing a corset for 6 weeks.

“In regards to doctors that criticize the plan, it is completely unfounded if you do this diet as recommended by us and don’t over do it, you will not crush your organs, the only thing that moves is fat,” Henry Jones, director of, told New York Smash. “This is a lot safer than the strong, nasty, body-affecting pills doctors prescribe you for everything. This is simply a wonderful simple way of making changes to yourself and feeling more confident and happy.”