“Cut, Rolled, Burnt II” in Bridgehampton

New York Smash Magazine  

Heroes in a Vortex by Don Morris. Comic Book Construction.
Dimension: 40 x 40
Year: 2012

It’s officially August; time to take advantage of all the wonderful events and activities in the Hamptons!

On Aug. 22, art exhibit “Cut, Rolled an Burnt II”, presented by Elisa Contemporary Art, opens at The Design Studio in Bridgehampton.

The exhibit, which runs through Sept. 25, will feature four contemporary artists who use paper in extreme ways in pursuit of creativity. Stop by to marvel at the works of California artist Michael Buscemi, Connecticut artist Amy Genser, comic book constructionist Don Morris, and Hawaii-based artist Wayne Zebzda.

Cove by Amy Genser. Paper and Acrylic on Canvas.
Dimension: 36 x 48 x 2
Year: 2013

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