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Designer Tableware That Helps You Lose Weight

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Slim and Sage Tableware

Slim & Sage tableware is stylishly-designed to make weight loss as simple as eating the food on your plate.

To lose weight, what haven’t we tried? Crazy diets, liquid cleanses, boot camp classes, and of course, the perpetual counting of calories.

But, what if slimming down is actually a lot easier than we thought — as effortless as simply putting food on a plate and eating it?

Slim & Sage is a tableware company that has developed a collection of stylish plates, scientifically-based for portion control. The plates are so beautifully-designed, you’d never know that their intricate geometric shapes and interlaced lines actually guide you to properly portion your meal: one-quarter lean protein, one-quarter whole grains, and one-half vegetables. The slightly smaller size of the plates also plays a role in weight loss; while the average plate is 12 inches, Slim & Sage plates are nine inches. Overall, the plates can help to reduce caloric intake by up to 59 percent.

According to the Department of Nutrition and Food Studies at New York University, American portions today exceed the FDA’s serving size guidelines by 200 calories more per day. Furthermore, the American College of Cardiology estimated that 90 percent of weight loss is achieved by reducing food intake, while 10 percent is achieved by increasing physical activity.

The European-designed plates take the guesswork out of reducing food intake.

“Our customers have been eating smaller portions, others love using the plates every day, and others are already slim but love the beautiful design and the ease of using the plates to eat smaller portions more easily than conventional 12-inch plates,” Tatyana Beldock, founder and CEO of Slim & Sage, told New York Smash.

The company’s bestseller is the Pacific Bold, a set of four porcelain plates priced at $99. See more photos below!

Slim and Sage - Portion Control Plates and Tableware for Weight Loss

The plates are designed to guide you to properly portion your meal.

Slim and Sage Tableware

Slim & Sage Ruby Light, set of 4 porcelain plates: $99

Slim and Sage Tableware

Slim & Sage Pacific Light, set of 4 porcelain plates: $99