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Eat Healthy With Friends Tonight: Try This Guilt-Free Recipe

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Eat Healthy With A Friend

Healthy Dinner For Two: Jenn Zerling and her friend, Christine, cook up yummy, healthy and guilt-free dinner.


I hear it all the time, and I completely get the challenge: You are invited over for dinner and your friend cooks high-glycemic carbs with high fats and lots of wine. You panic, knowing that this is no longer your way of life, and politely stuff your face with the food that simply makes you sick. Nothing worse than this, I know.

This is why it is essential to teach your friends that, not only are you an optimal eater, but you are willing to coach them on what to make if you decide to come over. If that isn’t in your style and you don’t want to wean your way into their unhealthy business, then another option is to bring a dish to the house and teach your friend indirectly how healthy, yummy cooking is possible.

I am grateful that I already surround myself with healthy friends. They share so many similarities with me, and naturally they treat their bodies like temples, too. It’s a no brainer that when I go to Christine’s house, I will be eating healthy. Last night, she cooked so many goodies, including swordfish, steak, zucchini and sweet potatoes. Simple, but great.


Swordfish (wild)

Thin-cut boneless grass-fed top sirloin

Meat rub (pre-mixed seasoning sold at virtually every supermarket)

Organic zucchini

Fresh lemons from her garden

Extra virgin olive oil




Crushed garlic

Sliced steak tomatoes

Low fat butter


A) With both protein sources, Christine used the open fire stovetop. However, with the fish, she covered it to give it a poached effect. One at a time: With the swordfish, put some olive oil, lemon, garlic and basil on it, and cook it on the stove for a few minutes (keep a close eye on it cause you don’t want to overcook it, especially if you cover it).

B) Meanwhile, place the meat in another pan and sprinkle with the meat rub. Cook until it meets your temperature expectations. In a small saucepan, put some olive oil in with chopped onions and mushrooms. Cook them for a couple of minutes, and use it to top the steak at the end. The onions will naturally caramelize along with the mushrooms; this makes the dish!

C) Slice zucchini lengthwise and put into a pan with olive oil and some fresh garlic. Cook until it is softened.

D) Take the sweet potatoes and microwave them the entire time for 12 minutes. Take them out and cut them into thirds. This will decrease each person’s portion so that everyone doesn’t carbo-load at your dinner table. You can even put butter on the table for people to use, if they want.

E) Garnish every plate with sliced tomatoes and a lemon for the fish. Put everything else on a separate plate and allow everyone to serve themselves.

F) You will see in the video that some people will even have a glass of wine with this dish, since this was shot on a Saturday night. Having a glass of wine once a week is fine. Avoid daily wine consumption for optimal health results.

Thank you, Christine, for a delicious meal and for always opening up your home to me!

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