EnterpriseJungle Offers New Way To Maximize Professional Success Online

New York Smash Magazine  

These days, almost everyone uses Web platforms for business purposes. You probably have a LinkedIn profile, and you may even use Facebook and Twitter to promote your professional updates. So, what’s the new secret to maximizing your professional network online? The answer may be EnterpriseJungle.

EnterpriseJungle is a free social service application that helps users make meaningful and relevant professional connections, both inside and outside of their organization. The service does not compete with LinkedIn; Instead, it can be used as a complement to LinkedIn and other professional Web networks.

The platform utilizes data available from a user’s LinkedIn profile in order to intuitively bring people together whose current projects, industries, location, influence and aspirations align.

“EnterpriseJungle grows one’s network, making it easier to access the right people in the right way and at the right time to help achieve their goals,” James Sinclair, co-founder of EnterpriseJungle, told New York Smash. “Engaging with those who fit perfectly into a person’s business social graph will help to build effective and meaningful relationships that drive more efficient outcomes.”

The company was co-founded in June by James and Emma Sinclair, a brother-and-sister entrepreneurial duo.

Now in its beta phase, EnterpriseJungle has users ranging from the DowJones to Nike to Apple and HSBC, according to James Sinclair.

The company’s services can help individuals and businesses alike, according to the Sinclairs.

“It’s an ideal service for all business professionals seeking to improve their network and overall success,” said James Sinclair. “From a corporate standpoint, EnterpriseJungle can most benefit organizations who employ enterprise social network platforms for large distributed workforces.”

How exactly can the service benefit businesses? Utilizing predictive analytics, data accessible via LinkedIn and integrating with a company’s internal communications platform (like Yammer, Jive or Salesforce Chatter), EnterpriseJungle helps companies derive optimal value from a company’s workforce by increasing engagement.

The Sinclairs say that this is the critical missing link to connecting peers within an organization while solving challenges associated with low enterprise social network adoption and workforce collaboration.EnterpriseJungle also provides organizations visibility into their internal businessnetwork so the company can proactively support and facilitate the success of their employees while measuring the impact of staff’s collaborative efforts.

Despite being launched just a few months ago, the company is already attracting attention from the business world. According to James Sinclair, EnterpriseJungle is being tested in Fortune 500 environments.

Within the next few weeks, the company plans to launch a new service — Consumer4Enterprise, which will allow users to gain insight, analytics and understanding of how an enterprise is networking and communicating.

EnterpriseJungle user profile

EnterpriseJungle user profile