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Guilt-Free Eating: A New Low-Calorie, Low Sugar Frozen Snack

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LifeIce: One tray of 24 cubes is just 30 calories.

Delicious desserts and diets usually don’t mix. Fortunately for our sweet tooth, there are a few exceptions. LifeIce is a new diet-friendly frozen snack. Shaped like colorful little ice cubes, these all-natural flavored bites resemble the texture of a mini-popsicle.

Why we’ll be munching on these:

They’re low-calorie and low-sugar: An entire tray of 24 cubettes has just 30 calories, 10g sodium, 6g sugar and 7g total carbohydrates.

They’re fun to eat: Pour them into a martini glass for a fancy snacking experience. Or eat them out of a bowl or right out of the tray.

Plus, they have these perks: LifeIce is 100 percent all natural, gluten-free, Kosher certified, BPA-free packaged, and has no preservatives, no GMOs, and a 1-year shelf life.

LifeIce Nutrition Facts

LifeIce Nutrition Facts


Berry Bite: Blueberries, blackberries, black currant, yumberry
Citrus Chomp: Coconut water, agave, orange, lemon, hints of ginger, blended with mangosteen and Africa (baobab)
Green Grind: Coconut water, agave, kale, spirulina, with hints of banana and apple
Chocolate Crisp: Cocoa with hints of cherry, black currant and vanilla

To find out where to buy LifeIce, visit the company’s Where To Buy online page.