Hampton Coffee Company Opens A Southampton Location

New York Smash Magazine  

Hampton Coffee Company’s new Southampton location is the first “Experience Store” to open. Its located at 749 County Road 39A.

Hampton Coffee Company, a very popular coffee mini-chain of the East End, opened its third location in Southampton.

Because of a few unique and special features, the company is calling their new location an “Experience Store”. The company installed a “Pour Over Bar” where skilled baristas will work with each individual customer to explore different coffee blends and brewing methods.

The new location will also offer espresso, freshly-baked goods and sandwiches.
For years, the iconic Hampton Coffee Company on 27 in Watermill has been a Hamptons lunch staple, where many love to stop for a quick bite and maybe catch sight of a Ferrari or two in the parking lot. We can look forward to more good coffee and great people-watching at the Southampton store.

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