Healthy Vacations: 3 Luxury Detox Getaways

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By Roy Green
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Bad Dürkheim, Germany

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The Kurpark-Hotel is located in Palatinate, a beautiful rural region in Southwestern Germany. With programs for weight loss and detox, the hotel is a popular destination right before summer, when many people want to slim down and lose winter weight. Additionally, Palatinate is one of the warmest climate zones, has a beautiful modernized wellness area, a renovated restaurant with a cure park terrace and a Medical Lounge Spa, where professional therapists are skilled in treatments that benefit the spinal area, rheumatism, and respiratory system.

This state-of-the-art resort offers a variety of indulgent health programs, ranging from a basic Wellness Day, to the comprehensive Forever Young package, which includes a series or anti-aging treatments. Another popular package is the stress-reducing Free Spirit Package, which comes with a 50 minute tension-relieving body massage, a 25 minute body scrub, usage of the wellness area with indoor pool, saunas, fitness room and more.

Absolute Sanctuary

Ko Samui, Thailand

Absolute Sanctuary Thailand

Absolute Sanctuary Thailand
Photo: FIT Reisen

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Absolute Sanctuary is a match made in heaven for those seeking a healthy detoxification vacation in an upscale environment. Located on the prestigious beautiful and exotic Ko Samui island, Absolute Sanctuary is surrounded by pristine stunning beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, hidden coves and lush tropical greenery. Specializing in the utmost professional detoxification treatments, guests can decompress as well as rediscover inner peace and stability in a luxurious atmosphere.

This peaceful sanctuary offers a comprehensive menu of exclusive spa and detox programs, in addition to mindfulness and yoga practice. Many guests rave about the Signature Detox Program with Colon Hydrotherapy, which aims to stabilize your metabolism through a selective detox that can improve overall health. If you’re thinking about visiting this top-rated resort, keep in mind that the the hottest and driest seasons are from January to May.

OCÉANO Hotel Health Spa

Tenerife, Spain

OCEANO Hotel Health Spa: Tenerife

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This resort lies in a green and peaceful setting, north of sunny Tenerife. It boasts some of the best views in Spain, facing the Pico De Teide along the promenade shore. The views alone are practically enough to embark on this vacation, along with a fantastic 4.9 out of 5 rating by previous visitors. Located by the Atlantic, where you’ll feel invigorated by the fresh, cleansing sea air, OCEANO’s natural surroundings are ideal for an effective detox and purification of the body, mind an soul. Last year, the resort was named a European Paradise for tourists.

Programme options are flourished within the Oceano Resort, with its two main attractions being ‘Thalasso Experience’ and ‘Detox OCEANO’. With SpaDreams resorts you individually receive the best standards and treatments…with highly effective detox and purification (in this resort) under the dazzling Tenerife sun! The greatly professional staff within the resort and Medical centre offer every SpaDreams customer a diverse range of indulging treatments to make your vacation a unforgettable and memorable experience, along with the results received from the Detoxification.

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