HouseTab App Allows You To Buy A Drink For Someone Via Mobile Device

New York Smash Magazine  


Want to buy someone a drink through your mobile device? A new app will allow you to do that.

Made for bar hoppers and cocktail-lovers, HouseTab is a mobile app with Facebook integration that lets you buy drinks for friends, scroll through photos of people that have checked into a bar, chat with them, buy them a drink (or have them buy you a drink), and close your tab on your way home.

The app will launch in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Hamptons at local bars, lounges and restaurants, including popular venues like The Royal, Local West, The Room, The Other Room, and Windsor Gansevoort Park.

After 30 years in the restaurant industry, Patrick Campi, co-founder of Housetab, wanted to create a service that makes life easier for customers.

“I wanted to up the convenience factor and felt it only made sense to create something that could go through everyone’s phones,” Campi told New York Smash. “In the bar and restaurant industry, it’s all about real-world social interaction. HouseTab amplifies that experience instead of distracting from it.”

The app is free and available on both Android (Google Play) and iPhone (iTunes App Store). There are no additional costs, fees or charges for using HouseTab. HouseTab members will be given special offers and free drinks at various locations.

“One of the most exciting things about HouseTab is the social fun that we combined with mobile payments. Users can send a drink to a friend from anywhere at anytime, and make new friends, all within one app,” Campi said.

HouseTab was co-founded by Campi, Niko Plaitakis, and Rob Campbell. To learn more about HouseTab, visit or the company’s Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.