Investors To Spend Less On Father’s Day Gifts

New York Smash Magazine  

According to the latest survey by online resource for investors Millionaire Corner, investors plan to spend less on Father’s Day this year than Mother’s Day.

The study reveals Father’s Day spending habits as well as the most popular gift choices of approximately 1,200 investors, including those with a net worth of $5 million or more.

Check out the statistics below.

1. Overall, more money is spent on mothers than fathers

28 percent of investors do not spend money on either parent for Mother or Father’s Day
24 percent spend an equal amount of money on mom and dad
43 percent of respondents spend more money on Mother’s Day
5 percent of investors spend more on dad
(Of those who spend more on dad, women are more likely than men to do it)

2. Wealthier investors are spending the least on Father’s Day and Mother’s Day

Compared with investors of all wealth levels, investors with a net worth of $5 Million or more are least likely to spend money on either holiday at 36 percent, compared with the average 26 percent of lower net worth investors.

3. Treating dad to dinner is the most popular gift

Among investors who plan to give gifts to dad this year:
12 percent will take him out for a meal
12 percent will give another gift
7 percent will give dad a gift card to a store
6 percent will buy dad a shirt
6 percent will treat dad to a gift card to a restaurant or theater