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Island-Inspired Dinner & Music At Home (Recipe)

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Just a taste of this flavorful seafood entrée reminds us of the beach.

Hailing from the Spanish island of Ibiza, Grilled Turbot on Sauteed Pak Choi Papaya Vegetable Flavored with Coriander & Rice Vinegar is an authentic recipe by The Ibiza Catering, a popular local catering company.

To create an island-inspired atmosphere at home, check out the recipe and mood-setting music below.

Grilled Turbot on Sauteed Pak Choi Papaya Vegetable Flavored with Coriander and Rice Vinegar
Serves 4
When it comes to this mouthwatering seafood recipe from Ibiza, the preparation is the longest process. Once you're done prepping, the dish cooks in just a few minutes. Enjoy!
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  1. 1 Turbot fish (about 2Kg - 2,5 Kg): Order the the turbot in advance at your fishmonger filleted and portioned. You need 120g - 150g turbot per person.
  2. 1 quarter papaya
  3. 4 pak choi
  4. 1 red onion
  5. 200g baby spinach
  6. 1 tablespoon black sesame seeds
  7. 20ml rice vinegar
  8. 200ml fresh orange juice
  9. 100ml dry white wine
  10. 1 tablespoon brown sugar
  11. 8 branches fresh coriander
  12. 2 limes
  13. Sun flower oil
  14. Light soy sauce
  15. Salt
  16. Black pepper from the mill
  1. Chop the coriander and put it to the side (keep four leaves to garnish the plates later).
  2. Peel the papaya, remove the seeds.
  3. Rinse the seeds of the papaya and drain it well: Papaya seeds are
  4. edible, but keep in mind, they are a bit spicy.
  5. Cut the papaya in 3 cm dices of equal size and put it to the side in a medium sized bowl.
  6. Remove the peel and the stalk of the red onion, cut in half, then cut into fíne strips.
  7. Keep the red onion stripes together in the bowl of papaya.
  8. Wash the pak choi and drain it well.
  9. Cut the green of the pak choi in rough pieces.
  10. Cut the white length wise in medium fine strips.
  11. You can mix the green of the pak choi with the baby spinach and the chopped coriander together in a medium sized bowl and the white of the pak choi together in the bowl with the red onion and papaya.
  12. Season the turbot fillets with salt.
  13. For the turbot, preheat the grill (you can prepare the turbot in a pan).
  14. You can prepare the vegetables in a a big pan or a shallow pot.
  15. Start to prepare the vegetables first.
  16. When the pan is preheated, add the white of the pak choi the red onion stripes and the papaya dices in to the pan and stir it for one minute.
  17. Then, wipe it off with the white wine, rice vinegar and the orange juice.
  18. Add the brown sugar. Let it boil for at least one minute.
  19. Remove the pan from the heat.
  20. Add the green of the pak choi, the baby spinach and the coriander in to the pan. Stir it and season it with a bit of soy sauce.
  21. Now, grill the turbot fillets on each side for at least 3-4 minutes. The turbot should be glassy in the core.
  22. Remove the turbot from the grill and put it on a plate.
  23. Cut the limes in to halves and squeeze the juice on the turbot fillets.
  24. Put the black sesame seeds into the pan with the vegetables and mix it. Distribute the vegetables with a tong (to not pick up to much gravy) on four plates.
  25. Then, arrange the turbot on top of the vegetables and garnish it with papaya seeds and the coriander leaves.
  1. Suggested Side Dish: Basmati Rice
Adapted from New York Smash Magazine
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Marcella Koronna, resident DJ at Pura Vida Beach Club in Ibiza, suggests this upbeat track:

“Who Knew” by Osaze featuring Jaidene Veda