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Limited-Time Discounts On Amazing Mother’s Day Gifts

New York Smash Magazine  

Who doesn’t love a great deal, especially on great products? Whether you’re seeking a thoughtful present for Mother’s Day (May 10) or shopping for yourself , here are two promo codes available for a limited time that will save you money on products that are bound to impress.

1. Urbane Mobile

Urbane Mobile: Custom Mobile Device Case Designer

Urbane Mobile: Custom Mobile Device Case Designer

WHAT IS IT: A personalized technology gift with real sentimental value. Urbane Mobile is a custom mobile device case designer that allows you to create a personalized case with up to five personalized images and text. Using cutting-edge printing technology, you can combine the image(s) of your choice with your own style to create a gift that’s truly one-of-a-kind. It’s a gift that can tell a story, keep great memories alive and protect your device with its quality construction, including a polycarbonate shell and inner layer of silicon. 

THE DISCOUNT: Save 20% with promo code MomDay15 through June 1.

PRODUCT DETAILS: By layering personal images with the graphics and images in the Urbane Mobile gallery, you can personalize every inch of your case. Available for all major manufacturers (iPhone, Android, Galaxy) and phone and tablet styles. 

PRICE/WHERE TO BUY: Prices vary and include free worldwide shipping. For more information or to buy a case of your own, go to

2. Pocket Poppet

Pocket Poppet On The Go Cardigan

Pocket Poppet: Ultra-convenient, packable stylish cardigan that transforms into a small portable pouch.

WHAT IS IT: Don’t you just love fashion that’s functional, too? Pocket Poppet, an on-the-go cardigan that transforms into a small convenient pouch, eliminates the hassle of having to carry around a cumbersome jacket or sweater. It acts as a cute sweater, keeping you warm when it gets cold. When you no longer need to wear it, the Pocket Poppet morphs into a Velcro-secured pouch that can be stored in your purse, around your wrist, or pocket. The pouch is lightweight and water-repellent.

THE DISCOUNT: Save $30, free shipping, plus receive a free scarf (while supplies last) with code Mom30 through May 5.

PRODUCT DETAILS: The Pocket Poppet has a stylish, open-front design. It’s simple, classic, and versatile: It can be dressed up, or worn casually to work, the gym, the beach, etc. Best of all, it offers warmth when there’s a chill outside or the air-conditioner is blasting.  Made in the USA out of soft classic knit rayon jersey with 8% spandex for easier crease release. Available in sizes XS-XL.

PRICE/WHERE TO BUY: Available in eight colors and three styles: The Classic, Lotus and brand-new Posh Poppet, ranging from $99 – $129 at