Millionaires Rank the Best and Worst Holiday Gifts

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Millionaires Rank the Best and Worst Holiday Gifts

Buying a gift for a millionaire? His most loved and hated gifts are ranked below.

Buying a holiday present for a man in your life? FYI, if the guy is a millionaire, gift cards and cologne are off limits.

The recent results of a survey, conducted by, an exclusive dating Web site launched in 2007 that connects wealthy benefactors with attractive members, reveal the most loved and hated gifts of millionaire men.

The survey asked 4,287 millionaire men to share their opinion of their most beloved, and hated, gifts. Those surveyed were given a list of 25 most common Christmas gifts for men, and asked to “approve” or “disapprove” of each item.

Watches were the most wanted gifts, while gift cards were the least desired.

Brandon Wade, a self-made millionaire and founder of, told New York Smash that millionaires have an appreciation for detail, which is why the majority favor accessories such as watches and cuff links. To impress a millionaire, avoid presents that involve preference, such as cologne, clothing, and books. These gifts often fall short because personal taste is so unique.

“My favorite luxury brands to receive as gifts are Burberry and Prada,” Wade said. “Personally, I am more inclined to purchase designers whose approach to style remains fresh and modern.”

Ultimately, you may not have to spend a fortune to give a great gift. As they say, it’s the thought that counts.

“I favor gifts that are well thought-out,” Wade said. “It is much more fulfilling to receive a less expensive gift that carries more sentimental value.”

Check out the rankings of most loved and hated gifts for millionaires:

Gifts Millionaires Love

  • Watches – 88%
  • Wine/Spirits – 81%
  • Cuff links – 80%
  • Unique Experiences (Riding, Flying, etc.) – 76%
  • New Technology/Tools – 75%

(According to 4,287 Millionaires Who “Approve”)

Gifts Millionaires Hate

  • Gift Cards/Gift Certificates – 96%
  • Cologne – 91%
  • Clothing – 89%
  • Books – 83%
  • Picture Frames/Photos – 77%

(According to 4,287 Millionaires Who “Disapprove”)