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Mobile App Lets You Skip The Check At NYC Restaurants

New York Smash Magazine  

A new mobile app lets restaurant-goers “never wait for the check again,” as the company’s motto promises.

Cover is a restaurant-focused mobile payments app that’s exclusively compatible with 30 hand-picked high-end Manhattan restaurants, including Michelin-starred Rouge Tomate and top-rated West Village hot spot L’Artusi.

“Cover is the only solution that truly eliminates the problem of waiting for the check. When you’re done, you can just go. You don’t need to tell your server, set the tip, or split the bill; the app follows your preferences and takes care of it for you,” Mark Egerman, co-founder of Cover, told New York Smash.

The app allows its users to pay for a meal in advance by entering credit card information and preferences before the dining experience.

“Cover lets me feel like a regular even if it is my first visit. Usually only super VIP customers have a house account and don’t wait around for the check. The meal just ends on a better note when you can simply just leave,” said John McDonald, owner of El Toro Blanco, a popular Cover-compatible Mexican restaurant and tequila bar in the West Village.

After one year of private beta, Cover officially launched to the public in October and has thousands of users in New York, according to Egerman.

“Cover lets you focus on what really matters – your meal and the people you choose to share it with,” Egerman said. “Before credit cards, dining was more intimate. Restaurateurs knew their guests and people put meals on a tab, settling at the end of the month. Cover restores this experience for a modern era. Guests can enjoy their meal without thinking about the bill.”

Check out more screen shots below.

Cover App

With Cover, you can pay for yourself or multiple guests in advance.

Cover App

The app organizes your dining preferences.