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Possibly The Most Luxurious Cocktail In The World Contains Caviar

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Petrossian Fleur De Vers Cocktail With Caviar Powder

Petrossian Fleur De Vers Cocktail With Caviar Powder

Sometimes a regular drink at a local bar is satisfying enough. But when you’re craving a special experience (and the taste of a true delicacy), head to Petrossian for the new Fleur De Vers Cocktail.

The Fleur De Vers is an expertly designed mixture of Tanqueray gin, Chartreuse, St. Germain Elderflower, lemon and rose water. The finishing touch is a sprinkling of Petrossian’s signature caviar powder (100% natural caviar). Petrossian mixologists recommend topping the drink with a large floating lemon peel carrying a dash of caviar powder at its center.

Petrossian, renowned for its superior caviar selection available at the brand’s luxury food boutiques and restaurants, has introduced the cocktail at its New York location. The price of the drink ranges from $20 to 27, depending on the caviar powder used.

“Our goal has always been to give Americans an authentic understanding of the versatility of caviar. Here, it’s an elite luxury, reserved only for pearl spoons, but the European understanding of caviar is much more exciting. We want our guests to come away with the notion that caviar can compliment a much wider array of cuisine,” said Alexandre Petrossian, President of Operations in North America.

The caviar powder itself, which costs $88 for a 30 gram bottle, is also delicious when sprinkled on top of pasta entrees or even eggs.

Check out the Fleur De Vers Cocktail recipe below.

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Petrossian Fleur De Vers Caviar Cocktail Recipe

Petrossian Fleur De Vers Caviar Cocktail Recipe