Must-Have Luxury Skin Care: Orogold 24K CryogeniC Collection

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My love affair with Orogold’s 24K CryogeniC Collection began with “The Diamond Freeze,” an indulgent facial treatment I was treated to at Orogold’s new flagship store in New York.

For those who aren’t familiar, Orogold is the ultimate luxury skin care line. Every formula (moisturizers, serums, masks, caviar extract capsules, etc.) contains 24 Karat gold. Beautifully packaged in shimmering boxes and silver mirrored bottles, the 24K CryogeniC Collection is designed to promote vibrant skin and diminish the signs of aging or exhaustion.

Chelsea Kate Isaacs

By Chelsea Kate Isaacs

I’ve been spending time in freezing cold, dry New York City. At home or in the office, the heaters are always on full blast which zaps the moisture right out of my skin, leaving it dull and dehydrated.

On a mission to find the best moisturizing skin products, I made a trip to the new Orogold store, an upscale boutique and VIP facial treatment suite on Madison Avenue. I was greeted by a skin specialist who inquired about my skin concerns. I explained my predicament: I needed something extra hydrating that would erase the drying, aging effects of harsh winter weather.

From a menu of facial treatments, I chose The Diamond Freeze, an age-defying vitamin-infused treatment containing diamond dust, gold, crushed pearl, caffeine, green tea and shea butter to help improve the appearance fine lines and wrinkles.  

The facial treatments, which take place in the store’s private VIP suite, are complimentary with the purchase of a product. 

These are the products I tried and loved:

· OROGOLD 24K CryogeniC Liquefying Pearl, $2,500. This product is unbelievable. It transforms from a powder to a moisturizing liquid containing antioxidants and nourishing vitamins, which results in a gorgeous, surreal glowing complexion. It’s like an instant fountain of youth.  

· OROGOLD 24K CryogeniC Diamond Mask, $1,000. A refreshing, gentle moisturizing mask with a cooling sensation that reduces fine lines.

· OROGOLD 24K CryogeniC Contour Eye Firming, $300. When I’m under-rested, my eyes need a major boost. I walked in to Orogold feeling and looking a bit tired. This cream truly firmed up my under-eye area, making me appear well-rested in a matter of minutes. It also brightened the dark areas from lack of sleep, and made my eyes look completely smooth and free of any fine lines. It contains 24K Gold, caffeine, green tea and shea butter. 

· OROGOLD 24K CryogeniC Restoration Cream, $600. The must-have moisturizer to replenish dehydrated, dull skin. The brand claims that it delivers maximum hydration, and based on my results, I believe that’s a true statement. Compared to other moisturizers, the CryogeniC Restoration Cream made my skin completely hydrated for hours on end, and locked in the moisture. It seemed to be weather-proof, too; It didn’t budge, even in the blistering cold temperatures outside.

The Verdict:

Yes, these products are pricey, but they really worked. I am serious when I say that complete strangers commented on my glowing skin. So, if you’re in the market for anti-aging and/or extra hydrating skin care (and money is no object) I’d highly recommend the CryogeniC collection. I was lucky enough to experience the full benefits of the entire collection, but if I had to choose an everyday CryogeniC product, I would go for the 24K CryogeniC Liquefying Pearl, which is utter perfection (no other way to describe it) or the more sensibly-priced 24K CryogeniC Contour Eye Firming which is an excellent anti-aging eye moisturizer. 


Check out the new Orogold flagship store and try a VIP treatment for yourself. Here’s the menu of facial treatments:

Orogold’s VIP Facial Treatments are available at the Orogold Madison Avenue Flagship Store: 780 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10065. Phone: 1-877-554-1777.

THE HEAT RADIANCE (Tèrmica® Collection)

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Sea minerals lend a hand in giving skin a younger and tighter appearance. The silky-smooth, yet non-greasy formulas instantly deliver rich ingredients to your skin. The use of Caviar and other potent ingredients such as Spilanthes Extract and Sodium Hyaluronate help give the appearance of lifted and younger- looking skin.

THE DIAMOND FREEZE (CryogeniC Collection)

More than 100 ingredients including Diamond Dust, Gold, Crushed Pearl, Caffeine, Green Tea, Shea Butter and various vitamins combine to give your skin the ultimate pampering experience. This multitude of beneficial ingredients help improve the appearance fine lines and wrinkles and provides a relaxing and pleasant cooling sensation as it beautifies your skin. This treatment will leave your skin looking healthy and vibrant.

THE ELIXIR OF LIFE (Nano Collection)

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