Natural Beauty: The Best New Natural Skin Care Products

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Skin care products make up the largest part of the cosmetic market, according to recent statistics. With so many new products to choose from, it can be a challenge to find the ones that work best for your skin type.

Natural products (without chemicals and artificial ingredients) are growing in popularity because they are more likely to work for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin.

Ready to go back to basics? Here are our favorite natural skin care products of the moment.

Thesis Beauty

Thesis Beauty Organic Eye Serum

Thesis Beauty Organic Eye Serum

When it comes to skin, this family-owned company has a “purist” philosophy. Thesis Beauty products contain zero artificial ingredients or synthetics. Founded by vegetarians, each product is vegan and cruelty-free with eco-friendly packaging, made with premium certified organic ingredients


Need a non-irritating intensive eye moisturizer? Try…

Thesis Beauty Eye Serum ($19.95)

Made to be non-irritating around the delicate eye area, this formula is 99 percent organic with 1 percent natural vitamin E (not synthetic). Loaded with antioxidants, it acts as an intensive moisturizer made only from cold-pressed, precious organic oils known for their restorative, repairing, nourishing qualities. It contains no water, preservatives, artificial fragrances or petrochemicals.

For an ultra-gentle facial cleanser that removes impurities without chemicals, try…

Thesis Beauty Tender as Petals face cleanser ($18.95)

Safe for the most sensitive skin types, this cleanser does not strip the skin. Containing organic flowers and soft clays, Tender as Petals doubles as a daily face wash and a soothing floral mask. Calendula, chamomile, rose & lavender clarify and soothe skin without toxic chemicals.

To exfoliate and hydrate dry skin, try…

Thesis Beauty Body Scubs ($22.95)

These deliciously-scented scrubs contain dead sea salts and Himalayan salts which detoxify and re-mineralize skin, while creamy organic shea and coconut base nourish and moisturize. We also found it to be effective for dry heels and feet. The yummy smell makes you feel pampered, and the product is so moisturizing that you may not need to apply lotion afterwards.

Suki Skin Care

Suki Skin Care

Suki Skin Care

Founded by natural skin care expert Suki Kramer, suki® products are 100 percent pure and toxin free, synthetic free, paraben free, dye/color free, gluten free, GMO free, nano-particle free and cruelty-free. The brand uses TLC technology™, which delivers active ingredients resveratrol, colloidal oat, vitamin c, retinol, vitamin a, and more, to penetrate the derma without irritation. The formulas are made to deliver long-lasting treatment for the underlying causes of skin problems, such as immune dysfunction, oil imbalances, inflammation, and allergies.


To clear up acne without peeling and drying out your skin, try…

suki® purifying acne serum ($50.95)

Nix stress-related acne flare ups, cystic acne, redness and oily skin with this gentle, non-irritating formula. Pure TLC salicylic acid™ from white willow and the brand’s own blemish busting complex™ with echinacea flower extract and goldenseal root extract clarifies the skin without peeling or drying it.

Want to even out your skin tone and fade spots or scars? Try…

suki® even-tone brightening serum™ ($50.95)

This unique serum can fix skin tone variations, spots, scars, vein show-through and redness. Infused with a brightening complex (arbutin, lemon peel, songyi, licorice root) and high-potency rose concentrate, it’s formulated to fade spots, redness, discolorations, hyper-pigmentation, circles, scars and uneven skin tone, without toxic chemicals or synthetics.

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