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New York City Ranked Most Popular City In The World For Young People

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New York City is the most popular city in the world for young people (15 to 29-years-old), according to the second annual YouthfulCities Index, released this morning.

View the 55 most popular cities for young people below. Plus, learn more about YouthfulCities at the bottom of this article.

Over 10,000 young people participated in the survey which ranks 55 cities worldwide. Scoring particularly high in terms of Music, Film and Fashion, New York City came in at #1, earning the title of “2015 Youthful City of the Year,” followed by London (#2), Berlin (#3), San Francisco (#4) and Paris (#5).

The YouthfulCities Index is the largest study ever on how the world’s top cities measure up from the perspective of young people, according to a company press release.

How were the cities scored? There were 101 indicators used to compare and rank the cities, including environment, safety, affordability, transit, diversity, and employment.

Last year’s top five most popular cities were: Toronto (#1), Berlin (#2), New York City (#3), Dallas (#4), and Paris (#5).

Below: Check out the most popular cities in the world for young people, according to the 2015 YouthfulCities Index Global City Rankings.

YouthfulCities Index 2015 New York Is The Most Popular City in The World

The 55 Most Popular Cities In The World, According To The 2015 YouthfulCities Index | Photo via

What is YouthfulCities, you ask?
According to a press release,

“YouthfulCities is leading a unique urban regeneration. We are building global youth (15-29 years old) networks. We are going deep into youth-driven urban knowledge. We are generating inventive solutions from youth outward. And, we are illuminating youthful stories. This leads to the 100 biggest cities and their almost one billion inhabitants becoming more connected, dynamic, open, fun, curious and inventive. In other words, more youthful cities. It’s a bold direction for a social enterprise that’s only two years old. But we’re not shy about it.
Each year with the help our booming Urban Decoder Network we:
– Survey youth through the YouthfulCities Urban Attitudes Survey. Gauging opinions of 10s of thousands of youth (15 to 29-year-olds) globally
– Rank cities through the YouthfulCities Index – now ranking 50+ cities around the globe.
– Gather young innovators and influencers at the YouthfulCities Global Summit
Work with open-minded businesses and municipalities to investigate and inspire youthfulness.”