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New Yorkers Compete In Subway Selfie Photo Contest

New York Smash Magazine  

The Subway is primarily used for daily commuting, and lately, to escape the blistering cold weather. Thanks to the launch of a “Subway Selfie” contest, New Yorkers are using the underground transportation system as a photo op.

The purpose of the contest is to spread the word about Wi-Fi connectivity underground, and simultaneously provide a fun activity for on-the-go city dwellers.

Created by Transit Wireless, the sole provider of free Wi-Fi service in New York City’s underground subway system, the contest welcomes anyone to participate by snapping smartphone selfies and sharing them online via social media for the opportunity to win prizes. Until March 25 (when the contest ends), a panel of judges will choose a weekly winner based on the selfie that receives the most votes online. Selfies will be rated higher for ingenuity, composition and creativity. Prizes include five $100 MetroCards and one Apple iPad Mini. 

Currently, there are 77 Manhattan and Queens underground stations with Wi-Fi access. Transit Wireless said in a press release that there are plans to make all 279 underground stations Wi-Fi accessible by 2017.

To participate in the Subway Selfie contest, follow these instructions: 

1. Snap: Take a selfie in a Wi-Fi enabled NYC subway station. Be sure to get the station name or Wi-Fi sign in the background.

2. Share: Upload your photo to Instagram, Twitter, or and tag it with hashtag #SubwaySelfie.

3. Like: Vote your photo up at or at TransitWirelessWiFi on Facebook. Photos with the top votes every week will be eligible to win!

Individuals may vote on their favorite selfies through Facebook Likes on or at