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Dino Pazzanese, Sittings

Dino Pazzanese, Sittings

Noho Gallery – M55 ART, 530 West 25th Street, New York, NY 10001, 212-367-7063

October 1–26, 2013

Reception: Thursday, October 10, 6–8 pm
Dino Pazzanese
Six large paintings: Figures from a jazzy blues atmosphere are inserted into real life situations, evoking mystical emotions and hopeful aspirations.

October 29–November 23, 2013

Reception: Saturday, November 2, 4–7 pm
Jeanne Butler
White Papers: The Philosophy of White
Lines of resistance are in imbedded in layers of white. Done with a minimalist’s eye, this exhibit engages the notion that serene order is not simply contained.

November 26–December 7, 2013

Reception: Thursday, December 5, 5–7 pm
Genichi Watanabe
The Spirit of Japan
Expressive color and painterly forms produce an evocative personal language in semi-abstract painting.

December 10–21, 2013
Reception: Saturday, December 14, 5–7 pm
Tommy Litz
Fusing color, form, and fantasy, Tommy Litz presents the human figure in dance with unusual imagination and allegory.

December 24, 2013–January 4, 2014

Reception: Saturday, December 28, 5–7 pm
Artists’ Choice
Gallery artists choose guest artists.

January 7–February 1, 2014

Reception: Thursday, January 9, 6–8 pm
Daniele M. Marin
Paintings that examine still life as a theme and the artist’s experience with this genre in art history.