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Online Dating Statistics: 18 Photo Traits Most & Least Liked By The Opposite Sex

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If you want to get a lot of “likes” on your online dating photos, the data below may help.

New statistics by The Grade, an iPhone dating app, reveal the photo characteristics that were liked the most and least by the opposite sex.

The statistics were compiled by analyzing the like-rates of over 2,000 users’ profile photos and 800,000 swipe interactions to quantify the photo characteristics that were liked the most and least by the opposite sex. This insight comes hand-in-hand with the launch of The Grade’s new Photo Stats feature, which gives users the ability to view real-time data of how their profile photo performs compared to their other photos and how it compares to the average user. 

Not only does this feature give important feedback to the user itself, but it provides the dating world with new insight into what the opposite sex looks for in a first impression.” – Cliff Lerner, CEO of Snap Interactive, Inc.

“Singles have been testing their photos on dating sites for years to see which photo gets the most attention, but they haven’t had the proper tools to show them which of their photos perform the best and worst with actual data to back it up,” Cliff Lerner, CEO of Snap Interactive, Inc., said in a press release. “The data showing the performance of each photo is extremely valuable for singles, because while they know how crucial their profile photo is to finding a match, as singles often don’t know which is the most attractive to the opposite sex.”

BELOW: Want your dating profile picture to make the right impression? Check out the list of most and least liked photo traits by both men and women, according to The Grade.

Female Photos

Photo characteristics most and least liked by men:

TIP FOR BOTH SEXES: Leave Something To The Imagination. “You may be surprised to learn that showing off your assets in a photo doesn’t help get likes for either sexes. For women, showing cleavage in a photo actually has no effect on the like-rate, and for men, going shirtless significantly decreases the like-rate.” – According to The Grade

  1. Instrument/Singing (+29%) Highest like-rate
  2. Sports (+21%)
  3. Bikini (+8%)   
  4. Formal Wear (+8%)
  5. Hat (+5%)
  6. Selfie (+2%
  7. Cleavage (+1%)
  8. Pro Head Shot (+1%)
  9. Travel (+1%)
  10. Not Looking (0%)
  11. Not Smiling (0%)
  12. Sunglasses (0%)
  13. Alcohol (-6%)
  14. Group Photo (-13%)

 Least liked by men:

15. Eye Glasses (-14%)
16. Dog (-19%)
17. Stadium/Arena (-21%)
18. Tattoos (-35%) Lowest like-rate

Male Photos

Photo characteristics most and least liked by women:

  1. Pro Head Shot (+92%) Highest like-rate
  2. Facial Hair (+57%)
  3. Dog (+29%)
  4. Travel (+23%)
  5. Instrument (+17%)
  6. Not Smiling (+16%)
  7. Sports Activity (+13%)
  8. Sunglasses (+12%)
  9. Eye Glasses (+1%)
  10. Selfie (0%)
  11. Alcohol (-6%)
  12. Tattoos (-8%)
  13. Shirtless (-15%)
  14. Stadium/Arena (-16%)

Least liked by women:

15. Formal Wear (-21%)
16. Not Looking (-21%)
17. Hat (-25%)
18. Group (-33%) Lowest like-rate

About The Grade: The Grade, an iPhone dating application owned by Snap Interactive, Inc. (“SNAP” or the “Company”) (STVI) that aims to create a female-friendly experience by holding users accountable for their behavior with grades, is currently being featured in the U.S. Social Networking category on the Apple(R) App Store SM in the ‘It’s a Date!’ and ‘Love & Romance’ collections. The Grade is currently free and available to download here in the App Store on iTunes or by searching “The Grade Dating.” More information about The Grade can be found at: