Fiamma’s Pink Diamond Collection

New York Smash Magazine  

A Royal Gift: Pink diamond rings by Fiamma Jewelry

To celebrate the birth of their royal son George, Prince William is giving Kate Middleton a very special gift: A customized brooch made of pink diamonds, as reported by Hollywood Life and Now Magazine.

If you’re looking for a gift to give that’s fit for a queen but at a more affordable price, check out Fiamma’s new collection of pink diamond jewelry.

The collection features soft pink color-enhanced diamonds set in 14-karat gold, accented by natural white diamonds.

“Naturally colored diamonds are magnificent in beauty, but prohibitively expensive—from $10,000 to $100,000 per carat,” explained Colin Shah, CEO Kama Schachter Jewelry, which manufactures Fiamma. “Fiamma color-enhanced diamonds reproduce the beauty of fancy colored diamonds for $750 to $2500 per carat.”

For those tying the knot, the collection also includes pink diamond engagement rings. Every ring is backed by a lifetime warranty.