Possibly The Most Comfortable Luxury Car In The World

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By Chelsea Kate Isaacs

By Chelsea Kate Isaacs

When I walked into the Caudalie Vinoth√©rapie Spa at the Plaza Hotel, I knew I was about to experience one of the best spas in the city. What I didn’t know is that I’d also experience the future of first-class luxury travel. 

What does a spa experience have to do with traveling? I asked myself that question after receiving an invitation to visit the spa for an event hosted by Lincoln Motor Company called, “The Lincoln Rejuvenation Lounge.” The event would allow guests to preview an innovative car concept called the Lincoln Continental, a never-before-seen luxury car with extremely comfortable seats.

Lincoln 30-Way Massaging Seat Luxury Car

The invitation I received to attend the “Lincoln Rejuvenation Lounge,” a preview of Lincoln Continental’s new 30-Way Massaging Seat.

The invitation said,

“Stop in for a workday break with the Lincoln Continental Concept’s Innovative 30-Way Massaging Seat…While testing out Continental’s new seat, choose to receive one of the following treatments: Reflexology or Hand/Foot Massage.”

Slated to launch into production in 2016, Lincoln’s 30-way seat allows the driver and passengers to adjust their seats in 30 ways and massages the body, so you are literally having a spa treatment in the car.

Here’s what the 30-way seat can do:

Lincoln Continental Concept 30- Way Seat is a massaging chair

Lincoln Continental Concept 30- Way Seat is a massaging chair

When I first laid eyes on the seat, I thought it was a futuristic-looking massage chair that belonged in the spa. I sat down and immediately noticed how supportive it felt. Every part of the seat, from the bottom, lower back, upper back and head rest, felt comfortably firm. I began to play around with the 30 adjustments, and there’s only one way to describe its many capabilities: Amazing.

The entire seat can be personalized and molded to your body. I was mesmerized by the fact that it was so much more comfortable than any other car seat I’d ever sat in, and probably competes with the best massage chairs as well. I envisioned myself on a long car ride, being able to sleep soundly, and emerging from the car feeling refreshed.  To put the icing on the cake, a Caudalie therapist gave me a nice, long foot massage while I sat there blissfully.

Lincoln Continental 30-Way seat is slated to launch into production in 2016.

Lincoln Continental 30-Way seat is slated to launch into production in 2016.


Without exaggeration, it’s the kind of seat you would pay to spend hours in. Who wouldn’t want to get massaged for a few hours while driving? For the first time ever, sitting in traffic might even sound appealing. My only concern is that perhaps I’d feel a bit too relaxed. But I guess that’s a pretty good problem to have.