Private Jets Have Become The New Wedding Limousines

New York Smash Magazine  


By Phil Mathews, president of Air Partner North America.

Private aviation is an evolving luxury. New generations of flyers, who favor experience over accumulation, have shown that private jets are more about the experience than the transport. Our passengers continued to show us that luxury travel is only limited by your imagination.

In the last few years, we’ve flown into the high atmosphere for a better view of comets, stars and even an eclipse. We’ve tracked wildebeest migrations across the African plains and touched down on Tibetan landing strips so precarious only a handful of pilots are even rated to land on them. Once, we even flew an intrepid traveler over top of an active volcano!

Now, not everyone’s idea of luxury travel involves astronomy, wildebeests or lava, but we have seen an interesting trend developing in our industry:

Private jets are replacing wedding limousines.

It has long been an American tradition for newlyweds to ride off in a decorated limousine, tin cans rattling along behind. But recently, we’ve seen more and more couples skip the wedding night at a local B&B and instead escape to new heights, chartering flights that turn East Coast weddings into Caribbean honeymoons within a matter of hours.

Think about it. Who doesn’t want to maximize the time on their honeymoon? From Teterboro it’s just 90 minutes to Bermuda, three hours to Turks & Caicos and less than four hours to any other Caribbean destination.

And that’s 90 minutes without the typical travel allowances. Private jets leave precisely when you want them to—you never have to worry about being late for your flight! You bypass the security lines, delays, and holding patterns of larger airports and can be in the air literally minutes after arriving at the runway.

Once onboard, the sky is the limit. Couples can customize their food and beverage to fit the celebration (don’t forget to bring some cake). We’ve also seen brides and planners go all out, requesting interiors tailored to match the theme of the wedding. Again, it’s your flight, your experience, and it’s only bounded by your imagination.

Perhaps most importantly, the two of you will be alone and able to relax in the lap of luxury. Planning the perfect wedding is a stressful affair, but private jets are the perfect decompression chamber to bridge that gap between beautiful nuptials and a honeymoon in paradise.

Once you’re dream wedding is complete, the last thing you’ll want to do is give up those precious first moments as man and wife in order to wait in lines and sit through delays in order to fly on someone else’s schedule. Make the most of your perfect day by escaping the ordinary and transforming your A-to-B travel into a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

And yes, I’ll book your jet.