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Quick & Easy Healthy Meal Recipe: Chicken and Veggies

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Fitness expert Jenn Zerling’s quick and easy healthy chicken and veggie recipe.

By Jenn Zerling of | Featured Image By Stefaniav/

There are so many dishes I have produced with chicken, so please forgive me for yet another one.

The great thing that you should realize by now is that one little change in a dish creates a whole new dish. Keep your life simple. Buy ingredients you love and that you will use in other meals and –boom — you have more bank for your buck. You will cook a lot, but you will cook less and spend less time in the kitchen if you follow these simple principles. This chicken dish was made in minutes. It was not only great, but it lasted for days and I was able to eat the veggies for breakfast the next day. The veggies are yummy because of how they are cooked. So I will never push plain ole veggies on you. But just be mindful of what you put on them, because although I do not calorie count, you do want to keep added calories at bay, know what I mean? Don’t know what I mean, then get my app. It will change your way of eating forever!


Organic kosher chicken breast

White wine (any)

Heavy cream


Sweet potatoes (2)


Garlic powder

Crushed garlic



Butter (low fat, organic)


Two skillets — one for the chicken, the other for the veggies. For the chicken, simply put the white wine on the bottom with crushed garlic and butter on a low flame. Cook on both sides thoroughly. The more you cut the chicken up, the quicker it will cook due to the larger surface area. Next, peel the sweet potato and stick it into a small bowl with a little water on the bottom of it. Put it in the nuker for eight minutes. Then, take the veggies to that second skillet and add in the heavy cream, a little tablespoon of butter, salt and pepper (just a dash), and some garlic powder. Put it on a very low flame, as you did the chicken. Once the sweet potato is softened, cut it up into discs and throw it into the veggie stew. Cook an additional three minutes. By now, your chicken is cooked through. Put it on the side. Once the veggies are ready to go, add to the plate of chicken and enjoy every delicious moment!

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