Tech The New Status Symbol for the Extroverted and Super Rich

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 Presented by is a new platform that ranks its users based on the amount of money they have spent to reach the highest possible position. The more someone pays, the higher their ranking. The editors of New York Smash were interested to learn more about the site’s unique concept, so the founders of Richer Than You gave us the full scoop below. 


We seem to get used to hearing about the extroverted, lavish, rich that try to show the world how wealthy they are. It is amazing how creative people can become if they do not have to worry about how much something costs.

For example, in 2011, a Sheikh by the name of Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan scrawled his name in sand on one of his islands with letters that can be seen from space, as reported by It is indeed an original way of saying, “I’m rich.”

In 2013, Datta Phuge, an Indian businessman, had a custom shirt made of 22 karat gold for $235,000, making it the world’s most expensive shirt, according to

A group of young Europeans asked themselves,

“Why not make things easier for the rich who want to compete with each other?”

And that is what sparked the concept for


The founders of Richer Than You are six students and young professionals based in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Italy. In 2013, three of the founders observed a group of people in a pub, bragging about who had the most expensive watch, the newest car and the biggest yacht. Even after lengthy discussions, they were unable to agree on who was “richer.”

According to the founders of Richer Than You,

“We wanted to create an easy and fun way to determine who is richer than the other, and there has to be a clear number one.”

Why should you pay to appear in the ranking? Simply because you can.

Why should you pay to appear in the ranking? Simply because you can.


It’s easy: As a registered user, you choose a display name, create a personal profile, and pay any amount you want to get the respective position in the site’s worldwide ranking of wealthy individuals.

If you are overtaken by a richer competitor (someone who pays more than you), you can pay a larger sum of money at any time to recover your position.

According to the founders, Richer Than You is essentially a competition for the rich and super-rich:

We want to create a fair ranking, in which the positions are not calculated with complicated formulas, estimations, or investigations. Everyone can have the position he desires, as long as they can afford it.”

Share your status on social media: Every participant receives a customized digital badge with an individual picture and the amount they paid, which can be shared on social media.

Reward for highest-paying users: If you have paid at least $1,000, $10,000 or $100,000, you get a gold, platinum, or black Richer Than You card to match your Amex.

Richer Than You top ranked users

Dan Bilzarian, a Richer Than You user, is one of the site’s top contenders. “We think Dan Bilzarian is a super cool guy. He shows off his money and what he does with it. We would love to see him leading our ranking one day,” the founders of Richer Than You told New York Smash.
Photo Credit: Dan Blizerian via Instagram


Since the site went live in September, Richer Than You has received payments from people all around the world.

The current leader, who calls himself “minted$$,” is from the United States and has paid $200.  Another top-ranked participant is from Switzerland and has paid $100, followed by a participant from the United Kingdom, who has paid $50.

Richer Than You continues to grow its social media community, which features eye-catching luxurious photos on Instagram as well as funny and thought-provoking facts and quotes about luxury, money, fashion and lifestyle on Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

In the future, Richer Than You has the potential to become more than a game for the extroverted rich. Given that users can create a personal profile, upload photos and share personal information, it may very well become a social network for the affluent that want to meet like-minded people. And because we all know that “rich does not always equal rich,” users are given the option to exclude anyone from seeing particular details of their profile.


A screenshot of Richer Than You’s Instagram profile.

For more information about Richer Than You or to secure your position in the ranking, please visit You can also follow Richer Than You on Instagram, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.