Spa Lovers: 3 Italian Luxury Resorts For Ultra-Relaxing Fangotherapy

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By Roy Green, SpaDreams

Fangotherapy. Have you heard of it?

First of all, “fango” is the the Italian word for mud, also loosely used to describe products including mud, peat, and clay.

What exactly is mud? Soft wet earth that is mainly mineral in composition (derived from rock) with some percentage of organic matter (matter derived from plant breakdown).*

This mud-based spa treatment has been a hit among spa-loving Europeans and anyone adventurous enough to try it. What is it? Having gained its initial cult following in Italy, fangotherapy is a detoxifying treatment that uses mineral-infused thermal mud and algae, aged in special tanks for over two months. The mud, peat and clay ingredients are spread over the body to help rejuvenate the body, exfoliate the skin, heal health conditions, and (as most commonly reported), it relaxes and calms you. Once the mud is applied all over your body, the treatment is usually followed by a sweat session to rid the body of toxins, a massage and refreshing bath.

Fangotherapy is known to improve musculoskeletal and skin conditions, provide therapeutic benefits for osteoarthritis, immune disorders, muscular pain, acne, psoriasis (dry skin), fibromyalgia and others. 

1. Hotel Olympia Terme: Italy

Hotel Olympia Terme Italy

Hotel Olympia Terme Italy

If you’re seeking total relaxation, you’ve come to the right place. Located at the foot of the of Euganean Hills, Hotel Olympia has a high-end medical spa, wellness and beauty center. The family-operated hotel has 102 rooms available, with specially adapted rooms for disabled travelers. The intimate atmosphere and one-on-one personalized service gives this hotel a warm, hospitable feeling for guests. It was rated a perfect 5 out of 5 rating by SpaDreams users.

Other perks include an impressive selection of fangotherapy programs, which are offered along with the thermal water pools, Kneipp courses, and a diverse range of massages and beauty treatments. Meanwhile, there are various other activities for physically active, adventurous guests, or work out buffs. Guest are encouraged to enjoy  bike rides, hiking, Nordic walking and golf. There’s even a fitness-dedicated program called, “Fit With Fango,” most definitely recommended by SpaDreams.

2. Park Hotel Terme: Italy

Hotel Olympia Terme Italy

Hotel Olympia Terme Italy

Another beautiful fangotherapy  resort based in Italy. A family-run operation,  Park Hotel Terme is centrally located with  beautiful views, adding to the already relaxing environment. Amenities include an extensive beauty and wellness center. There are 103 rooms available with full board and accommodations tailored for each guest.

Complete with seven attractive fango programs, there’s usually one that satisfies every guest’s individual needs, and there’s always something new to try – a perk that brings guest back to the hotel again and again.

Your basic experience will unfold like this: First, you’ll relax at the spa with mud therapy treatments of your choice with the option to choose treatments that heal physical or health conditions. Then, there are detoxifying treatments that rid the body of toxins or any of the junk you ate over the cold, hibernation period of winter, 

With first-class service and facilities, previous guests have rated the Park Hotel a  4.7 out of 5

3. AbanoRitz Hotel Terme: Italy

Hotel Olympia Terme Italy

Hotel Olympia Terme Italy

This resort is located once again in Italy, the true, traditional home and of Fangotherapy.  With a five-star rating on SpaDreams, AbanoRitz boasts a modern thermal center for therapies, treatments, Fangotherapy and relaxation, surrounded by a beautiful expansive 6,000 sqm garden. A non-smoking resort, AbanoRitz is very stylish and charming, promoting a health environment always. With a 126 available suites, all complete with a modern furnish, there’s usually not a problem booking your stay.

You can enjoy a diverse range of programs, tailored to your needs. Some programs are devoted to improving your sense of well-being in a number of capacities, including, Fango and pain therapies, otorhinolaryngology, electro and physiotherapies and naturopathy. With Fango deeply working and acting as an anti-inflammatory, it’s known to increase energy and revive the mind and spirit. 

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